My Heart is so Full…

Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel the presence of God and you know He’s whispering to you?

Yeah, that’s today. 

It doesn’t happen all that often, but the presence of God has been overwhelming today.

I’ve been fighting tears most of the day and the night.

In a nutshell, I’m just so overwhelmed at what God is up too at Thrive Church.

For me, leading Thrive Church is not about a job. It’s not about a paycheck. It’s not about creating a club. It’s not about a nice little hobby. It’s not about reaching people other churches aren’t reaching. It’s about seeing people fall madly in love with Jesus.

It’s my calling. It’s my passion. And I give everything to it. 

And to be crazy honest, it has felt like Hell has tried to break loose all over my Church lately. Some of our folks have experienced too much death. Some are experiencing a crazy amount of pain. Our entire staff has been sick. So many in our church has been sick. There has been conflict. There has been many late night hours praying and seeking God to provide the finances to accomplish the vision He’s given us. There has been very early mornings seeking Him and humbly asking for His guidance.

But, as hard as its been. It’s been so so good! It’s been incredible! People’s lives are changing. We have seen miracles. We have seen answered prayers.

And, as we approach Easter, my heart is just full. We’re taking a descent size step of faith for a Church that’s 128 weeks old. We’re moving venues. It’s much larger. It takes more volunteers. It takes more equipment. There are more moving parts.

Plus, our teams have done an amazing job of putting together an amazing Easter experience and I couldn’t be proud! I have already heard so many stories of Thrivers inviting friends and family. I have heard stories of people rearranging their spring break plans so they could be here at Easter.

And, it’s crazy to think that just 129 weeks ago, Thrive hadn’t even been officially started yet.

So, my Heart is Full! 

My Heart is Ready!

My Heart is captivated by how amazing God’s love is.

My Heart is so thankful.

Thankful I have the honor of being a part of what He’s doing in Central MI at Thrive Church.

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