Hey Thrive! It’s EASTER WEEK!! Let’s do this!

Hey Thrivers! It’s EASTER WEEK!! 

Tracie ‘Riker’ Raitz and I are at the Hub getting ready for Easter at Thrive and I am so THANKFUL for this CHURCH! We have been a part of so many churches in our young 40 and 38 years and we love–LOVE our Church!easter
When I think about how many people are using their gifts week in and week out for the vision and mission of Thrive, its just humbling! And, how many people are serving and using their gifts for Easter, wow!

Here are a few things every Thriver should know about Easter at Thrive:

1. We have to PRAY! Big, Bold, and Humble prayers! Ask God for His favor this week on everybody inviting friends and family. Ask God for His favor on the people hearing the radio ad. Ask God for His favor on the college students and faculty at CMU who will see the Easter ad. Ask God for His favor on all the details coming together this week and on all the volunteers.
Pray that people will trust in Jesus as their Savior! Pray for the band and the worship. Pray for the speakers. Pray that we turn CMU into the most welcoming and and accepting environment anyone steps into!
2. Social Media Blast is tomorrow at 12pm. Just head to the main Thrive Church MI Facebook page and press share on the latest post. You can also write to invite folks as well! Our goal is a 100 shares. Thanks for considering!!
And, thanks to those who have used the ALIVE header on their pages!
3. We still need candy for the Easter Eggs!! Drop it off any time this week at the HUB! If you can help stuff eggs, let Lindsey.msibi@thrivechurchmi.cc know.
4. Easter Prayer Walk is Saturday morning at 830am. We’ll start outside of Finch Fieldhouse. We’ll head to Big Boys after we pray!!
5. Easter Set up. We can start setting up the night before! If you can help, great! 7pm at Finch Fieldhouse and 9pm in Plachta. Let Lindsey.msibi@thrivechurchmi.cc know if you can help!
6. We still need volunteers. ESPECIALLY in the MOST IMPORTANT AREA…THRIVE KIDZ!! Please let Claire.Torgerson@thrivechurchmi.cc know today if you can serve! YOU ARE NEEDED!
7. Sunday morning instructions:
…If you’re serving, Volunteer Central & Huddle is at 815am in Finch.
…If you’re serving, please arrive 45 minutes early and check in at Volunteer Central in Finch.
…If you’re attending, please arrive 30 minutes early. Get your kids all checked in and please be in Plachta at least 10 minutes early!!
…The Easter Egg Grab is right after each experience and there will be a Picture Wall for families to get a family picture taken!!
8. Thank you! As you know, a few times a year, we really try to use the natural momentum to draw more people to Church. Easter is one of those Sunday’s. Hosting Easter at CMU is a big undertaking, but we’re ready! We have an amazing staff and our volunteer team is the BEST in the world!
God has this! Thanks for asking for His blessing. Thanks for inviting! Thanks for giving! Thanks for serving!
9. LASTLY…Like I announced yesterday, our entire offering from EASTER Sunday will be used for the SHOE PROJECT!!!! Right now, we have raised enough for 360 pairs of Shoes.
I believe with my entire HEART we can be done on Sunday! PLEASE bring your best gift and present it to God!
We’ll update you later in the day with the results!
Know you are loved!!
Jason Raitz

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