A letter to Thrive Church about Easter

Dear Thrive Church,

I’m sitting at my desk at the Hub and I’m just blown away! Why? Because I absolutely love our Church!

EASTER is 16 days away! easter

WHEW!! I can’t even believe it! We have been planning, preparing and praying for months!

Now, here’s the deal. Every Sunday is as important as Easter Sunday! I really believe that! I am as excited about this Sunday as Easter Sunday. It’s TRUE! Which, we’re talking about how to pray bold prayers this Sunday, not a Sunday to miss!

But, there is just something crazy that happens in people around Easter time. They will consider coming to Church with you! They just will! It’s just nuts! Th12819430_959421307486517_4165944964607941880_oe rest of the year they will ignore your church requests, but Easter time, 9 out of 10 times they will accept.

That’s why we have to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. I love this quote by Keystone Church and we put it on our Facebook page as well.

Isn’t that just AMAZING?

Big Step this year

And, as you know, this year we are taking a HUGE STEP of FAITH to reach as many people as we possibly can in Central MI. The reality hit us that we just can’t fit everybody at the theater on Easter Sunday and that’s why we’re moving from Celebration Cinema to CMU.

That decision took months, but when God laid it on our hearts, we knew it was right! We knew we had too. Why? Because when God speaks to you, you have to listen.

So, there will be signs everywhere when you drive onto campus. You’re actually getting a map in the mail today or tomorrow with all the parking and instructions.

If you have a family, you’ll take your older kids (4 years to 5th grade) into Finch Fieldhouse. They are going to have an UNREAL and EXCITING experience! And then, you will head across the street to Plactha for the experience at either 930am or 11am. Again, I know you will love the experience!

Then, after each experience, there is a Giant EGGSTRAVANGZA for kids!!

It’s going to be an amazing Sunday!

So, here’s my ask to you.

Will you do everything you can to help make Easter at Thrive the best it can be? 

Here’s how you can help:

1. Pray.

Seek God. Talk to Him. Ask for His blessings and grace and favor on our planning, our preparation and our time together on Easter. Head to the Thrive Facebook Page each day and pray the prayer request that’s posted. Pray for people to invite. Pray for kids. Pray for the worship. Pray for the Gospel to be presented and people to respond. Pray for our Community to be rocked with the Gospel!

**Join us the Easter Prayer Walk on Saturday, March 26th at 830am at CMU!

2. Invite. 

There are invite cards at Thrive, grab as many as you can and pass them out. There are postcards, hand those out. There are yard signs, grab one.

Send messages, texts, call people. Send a carrier pigeon.

Change your header on Facebook to the Alive header.


3. Donate. 

We could really use a ton of candy to stuff 10,000 eggs with!! Bring bags this Sunday and to the Hub during the week!!

As a Church, we’re also praying for additional givers to the mission and vision of our Church. This kind of step of faith takes additional funds and we’re praying for people to give.


4. Serve. 

Easter just won’t happen without a ton of people serving! So, head to www.easteratthrive.cc and sign up! #savedpeopleservepeople

And, if you are serving, attend the Planning & Prayer Lunch on Sunday, March 20th at 1215 at the Hub. You will get all the details and be ready! RSVP to Lindsey.msibi@thrivechurchmi.cc.

5. Believe. 

Do you believe God wants to rock Central Michigan? Do you believe God wants people to really be Alive? Do you believe God wants to heal marriages and relationships?

Me too! Let’s Believe together! I believe God will use our church in a huge way to help people find and follow Jesus!

Thank you! Know I’m praying for you and I believe the BEST is YET to COME! 

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