Yesterday was Thrive’s most Important Day Ever!

I am still buzzing from yesterday!

Yesterday morning at Thrive was pretty awesome, but…

Yesterday afternoon was just amazing! 

Honestly, it may have been one of Thrive’s MOST IMPORTANT MOMENTS



Because a group of Thrivers gathered on the campus of CMU to Pray, Dream and Ask God to use our Church to help people find and follow Jesus.

It was just incredible! 

Let me back up. We’re renting Plachta auditorium and Finch Fieldhouse at CMU to use on Easter Sunday, March 27th. We’re doing that because we’ve outgrown our space at the movie theater we rent and we just couldn’t hold everyone on Easter if we stayed. So, for one Sunday, we’re moving.

We walked through the spaces that we are going to use for Easter at Thrive and then we prayed together for that space. We then sat together for a moment in the auditorium and talked through what this means for our Church.

The obvious question came up…

Could Thrive move to this location full timIMG_1810e? 

Yes we could and I believe that God is directing our steps in order for us to do just that. There are a few hurdles. The cost is substantially more and we would need additional equipment and signage. But, our kids environment would be a million times better and we would have the opportunity to reach college students in a new and unique way!

But, like Ephesians 3:20 says…‘God can do anything’. So, we prayed together! 

The moment that got me was at the end. All of us went on the stage and looked out. It’s a tremendously powerful view from the stage and the reality just hits you…what if God filled these seats with people who desperately need to find and follow Him? What if this little tiny start up ChurIMG_2138ch could be used to unleash unprecendented amounts of compassion on our city and our region? What if we raised up the next generation of students to help lead the way? What if?

Then, if that wasn’t all enough, everyone got on our knees and we prayed together. Wow! That was just awesome! To have adults and kids on our knees and praying. That has officially become one of my favorite Thrive moments!

Lastly, we gave everyone a purple key to put on their key ring. When they see it, we asked them to pray about our future home and if CMU is that home.

I love what God is doing in my Church and I’m so honored to be the Pastor. I am beyond excited for what’s next and I can’t wait to see how God brings it all together!

I so hope you can join us for Easter at Thrive on March 27th at either 930 or 11am on the campus of CMU.

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