3 Years Ago Today…What a ride it’s been!

It was 3 years ago tonight that Thrive (we weren’t even called Thrive yet…we just called ourselves…Brand New Church) met for our second ever worship preview night at the Shepherd Bar. three years

I was coming home from speaking at a winter retreat and drove right to the Bar. We borrowed pieces of a sound system and our team did a great job of creating a welcoming environment. I even lead worship (sorry if you were there)! Plus, it was a lot of fun telling people we met at a bar! It definitely weeded out some overly ‘churchy’ people right from the beginning.

There were 28 people on our launch team at that point and the Shepherd bar was packed that night. After everyone left, our launch team ate and laughed and dreamed. Half of those original folks are still a part of Thrive and serve every week. We wouldn’t exist without those folks and every time I see them I hug them! 

I think back over these past three years and I’m just blown away by God’s faithfulness. It was pretty hard (that’s a tremendous understatement) to get Thrive launched and off the ground and I’m so grateful for how God has provided. I think the average attender of a Church plant doesn’t realize how hard it is to get a brand new church off the ground.

Our Church only exists because of the amazing Grace of God. Satan has done everything possible to try to destroy and wreck and ruin this little Church, but because of an amazing group of people and God’s incredible hand of protection, we’re still here.

Back in those early days, we didn’t have any staff, any money, any equipment, any teams, or even a name. We just knew God had given us a HUGE dream to create a church for people who had given up on God or Church and help them find and follow Jesus.

That Vision and Mission remain!

It’s just amazing to think how far we’ve come. If an attender of Thrive today could go back and experience Thrive then, I think they would run away quickly! Hah. There are some days I walk around our offices in utter disbelief.

Like yesterday, I opened up the Thrive Kidz craft closet and I started to cry. Ok, before you think I’m a nut. I can remember when we couldn’t afford stickers or crafts for Thrive Kidz. So, to open up this neatly organized closet and see all that God has provided, it was a humbling moment.

And then last week to have North Lake Church give us a 24 foot trailer and 3 portable cases, wow!

God has been so good to us and its such an honor to be a part of Thrive Church! It’s been the hardest journey of my life, but I love it!

I can’t wait to celebrate our official three year anniversary on October 2, 2016. I so hope you will join us and be apart of what God is doing!

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