Monday Sidebars on Life, Family and Ministry on Tuesday

Here are a few sidebars on life, family and ministry…

On Life

I have heat again in my car! One of my amazing friends helped get it going. I’m blessed.

I re-tweaked my back over the weekend and was in pretty good pain. Sunday morning at Church, we were in our production team meeting and I laid on the floor to get some relief. One of amazing elders, David, rallied the troops to lay hands on me and pray. I felt instant relief.

No JOKE! INSTANT RELIEF! I love that we’re a church that believes in the power of prayer!

On Family

Tracie and I have a 16 year daughter. That is still just crazy to me! Rebekah Sue Raitz turned 16 yesterday. She is the love and joy of my life and I can just see God’s hand all over her!

On Sunday, we had a party at our house for her. Pretty much all of Tracie’s family drove up for Church and then came to our house for the party!

It was AWESOME!!! We had family and friends and celebrated Bekah! What a huge blessing!

On Ministry

Between two churches, Thrive and City Campus Church from Columbus, OH. We raised 60,000 bottles of water for Flint! That’s just awesome. We did have a competition going and C3 kicked our tails, but its all good.

It got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be amazing if more local churches worked together?

Last week, we were able to finally pick up a giant trailer that was given to Thrive from NorthLake Church in Texas. What a giant blessing.

It really helps us start to get ready for our eventual move out of the movie theater we rent.

The next 2 months are giant for Thrive! We now turn our attention to the Shoe Project and Easter. We have partnered with Shepherd & Winn Elementary to provide a brand new pair of shoes for every student. It’s a giant undertaking! We are raising the funds and on April 19th, we will head in with 800 some brand new pair of shoes for those kids! I can’t wait.

And, Easter is coming! We are moving to Central Michigan University for Easter Sunday and we can’t wait! So much planning, preparing and praying is going into this move!

Would you pray at 3:27pm everyday for Easter Sunday? 

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