My SIDEBARS thoughts on Life, Family and Thrive Church


I’m writing this while watching the NBA all star game on Sunday night. We don’t have cable and some good friends let Zach, Bobby and I come over to their house to watch it. I love how into basketball my boys are! At their age, I couldn’t get enough either!

Where did the week go?

This week has flown by! It’s just insane how many weeks I blink and it’s Sunday night! I really have to fight for some solitude and my time with my family or my schedule will overtake it.

Well, here are a few thoughts about this week.

Thoughts on Life. 

Here’s a thought that’s been going through my mind fairly often lately. Why do we quit so easily? Everybody quits at some point, right? We quit on relationships, we quit on work, we quit on our spouses, on our kids, on our churches, on our diets, on working out, on reading the Bible, Etc., etc., etc.

I get that life is hard, but wouldn’t it be something if our first thought wasn’t to give up.

I see this all the time at Church. Someone is upset at someone else, so they quit serving or quit attending. I see this all the time in my own life. Life gets hard and I tweak the healthy eating habits I’m trying to reinforce in my life.

We need to stop quiting!

Oh, here’s another thought. If you’re in leadership, you’re going to experience PAIN. I love this message by Craig Groeschel. The title immediately grabbed my attention…Pain…A Leadership Constant Companion! In this message he said, ‘if you’re preaching the gospel, you’re going to be criticized’!


Thoughts on Family. 

We starting to look at profiles of possible children to adopt. Honestly, it’s hard. Really hard. We’re still heart broken about Winona’s death. And, we’re heart broken over the amount of kids who need a home! So, it’s been hard, but I know God has another child for us!!

I’ve been a dad for 15 years, almost 16. It doesn’t get easier. I mess up a lot. But, for some reason, our kids are pretty incredible.

I just couldn’t be more proud of my wife and kids. Sundays are a long day for us. We leave the house at 6ish am and head to set up the Church. After Church we head to lunch. Some Sundays we have basketball games or some other Sunday afternoon stuff and then small group that night. Sunday’s are crazy long, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I dream of the day when one of my kids calls me and says that their going to help start a Church. That would be awesome!

Thoughts on Thrive Church. 

Yesterday a jr. high student told me she’s ready to be baptized. YES!

Yesterday a High Student told me the message was exactly what they needed to hear. YES!

Yesterday someone told me that finding Thrive Church saved their marriage. YES!

I absolutely love my Church. I’m driven to help make it an incredible church that’s reaching people who have given up on God or Church and then helping them become life long followers of Jesus!

We have a long way to go, but it’s so humbling that I have the privilege to be Thrive’s Pastor!




Our team is planning and preparing and praying!

I hope you will join us!


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