The Thrivie’s! Our Staff Awards!

Last month at our all staff meeting, I gave out our first ever THRIVIES!!

Yes, it was a complete rip off of the Dundies from THE OFFICE, but I hope it was a staff morale booster and encouraged them. It wasn’t to as much fanfare as the great Michael Scott gave out the Dundies, but I hope that it was an encouraging experience.

I tried to give everyone a Thrivie from the unique perspective they bring to the team.

I thanked them, encouraged them, did my best to speak truth to them and raved about how God is using them to lead our Church. Believe it or not, working in ministry can be a thankless role sometimes, so I’m hoping to add as much encouragement as I possibly can!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

We have an amazing team at Thrive!

I’m just so blessed that I have the awesome privilege of leading this team! It’s a responsibility that I don’t take lightly and it’s been amazing to see our team come together!

Here’s why I love our team and yes, this is a little shameless bragging:

  • Their hearts are just outstanding! They love God passionately and love others selfishly.
  • They work hard!
  • We have a ton of fun together!
  • Our full time Pastors all raise different levels of support for their positions at Thrive. That means they have built up a network of friends and family who donate funds to Thrive that help pay their salaries. It’s not fun raising support, but it has helped our church so much.
  • Our team prays together.
  • People send encouraging text messages to each other.
  • We support each other’s families.
  • Our team loves our church. That’s just evident as you drive into the hub and everyone is sporting a Thrive Church car decal! Hah.
  • We laugh and we cry together! We especially cry when we hear stories of life change!!
  • Our team loves our vision and mission and really goes after it.
  • We have a few volunteer staff who just faithfully give of their time! It’s just absolutely amazing.
  • I know we’re not even 2.5 years old as a Church, but none of our paid staff has ever received a raise and no one has ever complained. They all work more hours than their actually paid for and have all said they would take a pay decrease to help the church.
  • They just desperately want to see people fall madly in love with Jesus and surrender their hearts to Him!

I’m just so honored to lead this amazing staff team!

Here’s one of the ‘Thrive’s I gave out! Can’t wait till the next time!




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