Monday Morning Thoughts…Thankful for an Incredible Weekend!

It’s Monday! Our kids are in a state of mourning because every other school district has cancelled and their school was only a 2 hour delay. But, they’ll live!

All I can keep thinking about is how thankful I am! We had an incredible weekend as a family! It was full! It was busy! It was crazy! But, it was awesome! It was great! It was fulfilling. It was amazing!


Thankful for my family!

  • We had a great weekend as a family! We swam together on Friday night and had dinner with my parents. I can’t even begin to express how much I love the fact that my parents live close to us!

Thankful for my friends!

  • We are doing quite a bit of painting at our house to get ready for our home study. And, friends have volunteered to help! So humbling and such an honor!

Thankful for my Church! 

  • Sunday was an just an incredible day for Thrive Church. I don’t know if I have ever felt the presence of the Holy Spirit so strong at Thrive! I fought back tears most of the morning! And honestly, I started the Sunday pretty tense. I don’t know. God dealt with me. Broke me. I worshipped. Learned. Prayed and saw God move!

What an amazing weekend! I’m praying for this week and I can’t wait for next weekend!


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