Find your way back to God today and stop running

Have you been running from God? 


Maybe you can’t even remember how long its been. Maybe you think there’s no way God would be interested in you because you’ve been running for long. Maybe you love God with all your heart, you just feel far from Him.

Here’s the question…

Why do you keep running?

It could be because of your past. It could be because you have some bitterness or hate or anger toward God or others. It could be because you’re tired.

Whatever the reason…Today is your day to stop running.

And, it simply starts by heading to Thrive Church. Yup, that’s a GREAT first step. Just get ready, don’t worry about to wear (just be comfortable) and head to Celebration Cinema.

Thrive has two experiences. One at 9am and the other at 1015am. I would recommend getting there about 20 minutes early. And then just soak it all in. Listen for God to speak to you. Be ready to hear from God.

And stop running. 

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