Sunday Night Thoughts on Life, Family and Thrive Church

We’re home! It’s Sunday night! I should be sleeping. I can’t!

I am so charged up and so EXCITED about a GREAT morning at Thrive and a GREAT weekend with my family!

Some Thoughts…

on Life…I continually find myself in situations that there is NO reason I should be in that situation! Honestly, it’s head scratching!

For instance, it was awesome to be back at Camp Timber Lee for my 10th year this weekend! Can’t believe I’ve speaking there that long and I can’t believe they keep asking me back! Just crazy!

I am so humbled that they have given me that many opportunities in summer and winter to teach students about Jesus!

on Family…This week is Tracie’s Birthday! She’s an amazing wife and mom and my prayer is that we will be able to bring home Winona Mae sooner than later. That will be a GREAT present for her birthday!

I had a really cool moment today. At lunch, my kids gave me some amazing feedback on my speaking and my stories. Its so much fun hearing them bring ideas to the table! I love that they feel safe enough to critique their dad!

It hit me today that in just over a month, my Bekah will turn 16! Just unreal!

on Thrive Church…What can I say? I love my Church! I’m proud of my Church!

We have an amazing volunteer team! We have an amazing staff team. Even with the weather this morning, our teams pulled it off and lives were changed!

We even saw an answer of prayer from last week. At Thrive last Sunday, we wrote names of people we want to see find their way back to God. And, already today, some of those people came to Thrive!

Plus…it was so much fun to see Facebook blow up about Dr. Tom’s message this morning! It’s still crazy to me that Thrive Church has his wisdom, his knowledge and his handle on God’s word! I LOVE IT!

It was a GREAT week! 

I can’t wait for what’s ahead and I’m so thankful for all God is doing!


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