The Best moments of 2015 for Thrive Church

Thrive Church moved from being an infant to a toddler in 2015. We’re 116 weeks old!

We continued to grow, we continued to love people, we continued to learn. We continued to help people find and follow Jesus.

We had ups and downs. We had moments where it felt like we were being stretched. We had moments that pushed our faith. We had moments where God showed up in crazy amazing ways. We saw people experience great life change. We saw God provide miracles.

At the end of year, all I can say is…thrive two

It was a GREAT year for Thrive Church!!

It’s hard to express how honored I am to have the privilege to be Thrive’s Pastor and to lead the team of staff that I do at Thrive!

We have an amazing staff, an amazing team of elders, amazing volunteers, amazing families and I love the people that make up Thrive Church.

I love them! It’s a family!

That being said, here are some of the best moments of 2015 and I also asked some Thrivers what their best moments were as well.

(My) Best Moments of 2015…

1. Our first ever Tailgate Party! It was a crazy snowy morning and people still showed up like crazy! We wore Jersey’s of our favorite teams, we started a new series called ‘Sex Rocks’ and we partied. It was a great morning and people were loved and accepted and encouraged to follow God’s way for their relationships.

2. Prayer Walks. We took a ton of prayer walks as a Church this past year! It was just awesome! We walked and prayed around Celebration Cinema together and asked God to move in some HUGE ways.

3. Easter at Thrive! Wow! Probably one of our best days EVER as a Church! I love when our teams come together to reach people for Jesus. It was awesome!

4. The Shoe Project! I still have a hard time processing what God did through our shoe project. After learning this amazing outreach from NewSpring Church, we took a leap and went for it. We raised an additional $14,000 and bought every student at a local elementary school a brand new pair of tennis shoes! It was awesome!

5. Dad FEST 2015!! Holy Cow. Yes, it was our highest attended Sunday, but God did something powerful this morning. Men came to Church who had personally told me they would never come! It was awesome!

6. Raising up an Elder team! When we started Thrive, we were overseen by a group of Pastors in the Detroit area. Now, we have a team of Elders (both men and women) from our Church who partner with me to lead Thrive. We are a staff lead, but Elder protected Church and I love the men and women that God has brought to our team!

7. Our staff! I love our team! I honestly feel so blessed to serve with the team that God has brought together to lead our Church!

8. Baptism and BBQ!! Another day that seriously blew my socks off! We baptized 63 people and God has honored!

9. Our TWO year anniversary! The people who commit to serving and have helped Thrive become what it is, are a special group of people! So many of them were at our TWO year anniversary. Also, I loved that we donated $2 to Hopewell Ranch for every one who came!

10. Starry Night!! Wow! We finished the year super strong with two amazing nights of ‘Starry Night’. It was a leap of faith for us and we rented a few venue. Again, God was honored and Christ was celebrated!

(Others) Best Moments of 2015…

From Sarah…Baptisms, Easter, Christmas Eve, every time someone says yes to Jesus!  The shoe project, when we opened volunteer central for our volunteers.  Working with such amazing staff.  Seeing the amazing work God is doing in each staff at thrive so we can help reach Central MI.

From Shelly…The November prayer service….Presence of God was so strong. Loved the baptism….So exciting to see believers following God ….. Loved the Christmas Eve service…Dad and Bekah on stage together…The music…The message…I love that wherever we meet….God shows up…And we become a sanctuary for people to find and follow Jesus.

From Blake…The Christmas Eve opening song. The band covered ‘Sky full of Stars’.

From Katie...I felt like this year I began to really understand what it means to have a church family. That these people I see every Sunday are also the people I talk to every day, invite to do things, want them to be apart of my life. There isn’t a separation between life & church.

From Jessica...I have three: watching my friends get baptized at Lake Isabella. I almost cried when William jumped out of the water and hugged you…I’m guessing you almost cried too. Probably hurt your back. But so many of my friends were dunked and that was awesome! The next wasn’t actually at Thrive, but watching all of our students this fall at their games. It was great watching them and getting to know their families. The last is listening to everybody sing. When I’m playing bass I can hear their voices and it is absolutely awesome.

From Dr. Tom…Joining the Thrive staff team!!!

From Lindsey…But I’d say just being part of such an amazing team and how it has changed my life in such a great way and being able to do life with all of Thrive! But if you want just a moment, I’d have to say Thasi’s baptism and BBQ and Baptism as a whole!

From Crystal…I loved Starry Night!!

From Matt…The shoe project was amazing! Starry Night! BBQ & Baptism. No Other Name (Easter). One Youth Kickoff was rad! Dad Fest. You singing Hootie with the worship band! The Force Awakens.

From Colette…Our entire series “Confessions of a Christian”. And, the shoe project,  that was really special.

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