If you’re making any end of the year financial gifts…here are some great options

Ok, today’s the day. If you’re making any end of the year financial gifts, you have to get them done today.

I was asked a few times who I recommend, so I thought I would write about a few, here goes.

1. Give to your Local Church. If you’re a member or a Partner (like we have at Thrive), GIVE to your Church! I believe with every ounce of my soul that because of Jesus, the local Church is the Hope of the World. It is the most IMPORTANT organization on the planet! And, the reality is, Churches would not exist without the faithful and generous gifts of those who call their church home. So, please give to your Church!

2. Give to Thrive Church. Yes, a little self serving. But, I have the responsibility of leading Thrive and one of my responsibilities is help raise money for our organization. And, we’re in the midst of trying to raise $14,128 by the end of the year, so every gift matters!

3. Give to send Students to Camp. My life was changed forever on an 8th grade retreat and ever since, I have done everything I can possibly can to get students to camp! Either weekend retreats or summer camps. Thrive’s students, both Club 45 and One Youth both head to SpringHill Camp for retreats and our One Youth students are heading to a Big Stuf Camp this summer!

I believe so much in camps that in 2016 the Raitz family will pay about $1800 for our 3 kids to go on these camps! I have no idea where it will come from, but I’m willing to sacrifice to make it happen!

Would you give so kids could go to camp? You can give here

4. Give to Sponsor Children. My family sponsors 3 children from Ecuador through Compassion International. Its an incredible Kingdom investment and I highly recommend it! I have been to Child development centers and I have stood in the homes of children who were being sponsored and I can say whole-heartedly that this is an amazing ministry and organization.

And…you literally save a child from poverty for $38 a month!

5. Give to Stadia. Thrive Church and countless other churches would exist without Stadia! Please make a year end gift to this amazing organization to help them plant more life giving churches!

6. Give to Newspring Church. I love the vision and mission of Newspring. I have been so blessed by Perry Noble and going to his Leadership Intensive was one of the best leadership decisions I ever made! Plus, the Newspring Network has been such an amazing encouragement to me and my staff!

Newspring is currently trying to raise THREE MILLION dollars to build a campus in Clemson and they are almost there! It was a blast giving towards this project!

7. Give to an amazing Church. Here’s a quick list of Churches you could give too…

The Church

Beautiful Gate

Journey Church

Engage Church

Community Life

242 Community Church

Kensington Church

Venture Church

Heritage Church


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