Monday Reflections on Life, Family and Thrive Church

It’s Monday! Christmas is over! 2016 will be here soon! There are so many thoughts going through my head. Here are just a few reflections on life, my family and Thrive Church.

On Life

  • Christmas was amazing. I love my family. We had an absolute blast hanging out together!
  • On Wednesday night I got a gift from a student from Thrive! It meant the world! Seriously, a student! So cool!
  • I’m excited for 2016. I believe it’s going to be a great year.
  • I have found myself in quite a hole when it comes to managing my health. I’m going to through all the effort I possibly can into getting physically healthy again.

On Family

  • I scratch my head daily and ask God why He would bless me with the family that He gave me.
  • And, I can’t wait for our family to increase with the addition of Winona Mae! We found out last week that 2|42 Community Church is giving our adoption fund $10,000! So incredible and so humbling. IMG_3316
  • I was having a conversation with my 16 year old daughter today and she says…’Dad, why do so many adults have to act like high school students’? I said, what do you mean? She says…’It just seems like so many adults do and say such childish things to each other’. I laughed and said…yup!

On Thrive Church

  • Wow. The month of December for Thrive Church was just absolutely amazing! So many new faces. So many families. We celebrated. We laughed. We made decisions to follow Jesus. Here are some of my favorite moments from this month:
    • ‘The Force Awaken’s’ teaching series. We did a 3 week series on Luke 2 and it was great. Our artists did an amazing job of transforming our environments and people loved it.
    • We introduced Dr. Tom Rundel as our Spiritual Formation Pastor. People clapped! God is moving!
    • Starry Night was amazing! We took a risk and a leap of faith and we rented the Broadway theater. It worked out GREAT!

I so can’t wait for 2016!!


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