Another Adoption Miracle…A $10,000 gift from 2|42 Community Church!!!!!!!

As you may or may not know, the Raitz family is in the process of adopting Winona Mae! IMG_3316


But, it’s a long process and we have to raise a lot of money in order to bring her home! Actually, we have to raise about $30,000. Honestly, it’s a daunting number and we’ve had no idea where the funds were going to come from. But, we know that God has called us to walk through this process and we’r’e taking the steps to do just that.

Well, if you remember, just this past Sunday, I found out that New Bethel Church in Lexington, IN had raised just over $2800 for our adoption fund! So humbling and such a blessing and a HUGE miracle.

Another Adoption Miracle!

2|42 Community Church in Brighton, MI donated $10,000 to our adoption fund!

242AREYOU EVEN KIDDME?!? How stinking amazing is that? God is so GOOD!

Yesterday was pretty fun! 2|42 announced it at all their Christmas Eve Services and my phone lit up! Voicemails, messages and texts came streaming in from friends who attend 2|42 and others who heard about it.

Talk about shocking! 

Ok, here’s a little more of the story. I was down at 2|42 for a meeting with their Pastor, Dave Dummitt and as we were heading to his office, he took me on a little walk. We ended up in a back room that had a video camera set up. He went and stood behind it and then asked me to come over to it.

I was a little curious what was going on, but I went with it. He then began to talk to his church about the different ministries and ventures they were going to bless with financial gifts from their Christmas Eve Offering. He asked me to talk about our adoption and so I did.

Then, he said these words…‘Jason, we’re (2|42) is going to give the Winona Mae adoption fund, $10,000’!


I about lost it! I did lose it! I had no idea how to respond. I still don’t know how to respond! I was shocked. I was dumb founded. I started to cry. I started to laugh. I hugged Dave! I was speechless!

I was just shocked! I am still shocked. 

I called Tracie and she started crying! I texted my parents and they started crying. I texted my team and they started crying!

It’s been wild to experience these miracles and it’s such a blessing! Honestly, its tough as well! It’s hard to process this kind of extreme generosity! We’re so thankful!!

You know the phrase…

You can’t outgive God?

Well, it’s absolutely true! Since Tracie and I made the decision to honor God with our finances by tithing (we believe that tithing is returning the first portion of our finances back to the local church and we believe the starting point is 10%) and living as absolutely generous as we can, AMAZING things have happened in our LIVES!

We are ridiculously thankful and so grateful to every one who has donated to the Winona Mae fund!

If you would like to help financially, you can head here.

If you would pray for us, we would be honored!

We can’t wait to get Winona Mae home! #bringwinonahome

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