Merry Christmas from the Raitz Family!!

Merry Christmas from the Raitz Family! 2015 was an amazing year for our family!christmas card photo

As we finish this year:

  • Bekah is a sophomore in high school and doing great! She ran track her freshmen year and earned her varsity letter. She’s super involved in our Church and is just an absolute delight.
  • Bobby is an 8th grader and is an amazing young man! He loves video games. Like LOVES them. Like he watches youtube videos about how to play video games! Hah. But, he has a heart of Gold!
  • Zach is a 6th grader and is all life. He played football this past fall and loved it. He just started basketball. His PKU is doing good. He’s still addicted to slurpees of any kind!
  • Maddie is in 2nd grader and never stops talking! She’s a delight, but wow, she really never stops talking! Hah. But, she loves to sing. She loves school. She loves her teacher. And, her PKU is doing well.
  • Winona Mae isn’t with us yet, but we can’t wait to get her here! We’ve started the adoption process to bring this beautiful 17 month old from China and we’re walking through the process.

Tracie and I are doing great. Actually, we’re tired! Stressed at times! But, we’re great. We both love our jobs, I’m still the Pastor of Thrive Church and she is the Thrive Kidz Operations Lead.

We’re praying big prayers for 2016! We’re praying God will put his hand of favor on our adoption process and we’ll be able to get Winona Mae home soon!! If you want to help us raise the money to bring her home, please head here.

Thank you so much for all your support! Many of you financially support us through Thrive Church. Many of you pray regularly for us. Many of you send encouraging emails, messages and notes and everyone means the world!


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