4 Reasons to be at Thrive’s STARRY NIGHT

starry night social media blastTomorrow night is Thrive’s first Starry Night experience! We are beyond excited! There are two nights of Starry Night. December 23rd and 24th and both start at 6pm at the Broadway Theater in Downtown Mt Pleasant.

Starry Night is a great opportunity to Celebrate Christmas and the birth and life of Jesus with friends, your family and your Church family!

It will be a fun night. That probably doesn’t surprise you at all about a Thrive experience. But, it will also include amazing music with classic Christmas Carols and some new rocking Christmas songs as well! And, an encouraging, but challenging message.

So, you’re invited to Starry Night. Still a little skeptical?

Here are 4 Reasons why you should come…

ONE…To celebrate the birth and life of Jesus! Even if you’re not a fully devoted follower of Jesus, you can’t deny that His life has had a major impact on this world? So, come and see what all the full is about. And, if you are a follower of Jesus, then come and CELEBRATE JESUS!!starry night 2

TWO…To celebrate Christmas with your friends or family. Starry Night is a tremendous opportunity for you to be with your loved ones! Bring your friends. Bring your family. Sing together. Laugh together. Be encouraged together.

THREE…To be encouraged! Who doesn’t need encouragement? And, its amazing, but the Christmas season is actually a time where people can feel quite down. So, don’t be alone! Come and surround yourself with people who will extend the love of Jesus to you.

FOUR…To create a Christmas tradition with your family. Your kids will remember heading to the Broadway together for Starry Night. It will be a blast to sit together. It will be fun to sing together. It will create memories for your family! So, be there together!

Again, I hope you can make it to one of the STARRY NIGHT experiences at the Broadway Theater at 6pm. Who knows, your heart might just need this encouragement!

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