Sunday Night Reflections on Monday morning about Life, Family and Thrive Church

I was out last night! Yesterday went by at a flash of light and before I knew it, it was 5am this morning and I didn’t post my normal Sunday Night Reflections. So, here I am doing it now on Monday morning!!

Yesterday was an amazing day! The Sunday before Christmas is always one of my absolute favorite Thrive Sunday’s of the year and yesterday held true to that tradition.

Life, Family and Thrive Church

Life…When we started the adoption process, honestly, we had no idea how we were going to raise the $30,000 we would need to adopt from China. But, we knew God was saying to take the step of faith, so we did. IMG_3305

And, it’s been unreal and humbling to have so many people step up and help us! On our Go Fund Me page, we’ve raised about $1500 and then yesterday, we were able to raise another $2800. Here’s the story:

  • At the end of our second experience, Matt high jacked the mic and brought Tracie up and then explained that my friend and fellow Pastor, Adam Bowman, from New Bethel Church in IN had reached out to him with an idea. Adam had pitched the idea to his church to help raise money for our adoption and they did it! HOW HUMBLING is THAT!?!
  • So, Adam sent a video at the end of their service saying their goal was to raise $2000 and they raised just over $2800 for our adoption! So, Matt had it played at the end of our experience and we were just speechless! Actually, I still am!
  • The Kingdom of God is absolutely amazing and we are so blessed!

To date, we’ve raised about $4500!! Our goal is $30,000 and if you would like to help, please just head to our Go Fund Me page. Thank you so much!!


And, my brother came in from IL and we were able to see it with him! I laughed, I cried, I was mad and I can’t wait till 2017!! Actually, I can’t wait till I can see it again!!

This season of family life has been great, but it has its fair share of difficulties. Our PKU’ers are growing older and they eat more food and their food is ridiculously expensive. 3 of our kids are teenagers or pre-teens and its amazing to see their emotions go up and down.

In the midst of it all, I love my family!


The Sunday before Christmas is one of my favorite days at Thrive, EVER! We pull out all the stops and work very hard to create an environment that first time people to Thrive will love! thrive six

That’s why we had…Pictures with Santa, an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest, New Thrive Swag and the best tradition we have…an indoor snowball fight.

Honestly, the last couple of years it hasn’t been our highest attended Sunday either. Mt Pleasant really isn’t a destination town and people head to where their families are. So, we’re trying to change that. We’re trying to create such an experience that people will convince their families to come to them at Christmas time and experience their church!

Yesterday was amazing for two other reasons:

  1. We presented the Gospel and gave people a chance to respond and they did! So humbling to read the connect cards after Church and hear how God is moving in peoples hearts!!
  2. We introduced Dr. Tom Rundel to the Thrive staff. He’s coming on in a part time role as our Spiritual Formation Pastor. Like some of our other staff, he’s raising support and if you would like help, please head here. Every gift matters!!

Starry Night is up next!!

This week is another HUGE week for Thrive! We host two Christmas outreach nights on December 23rd and 24th at 6pm at the Broadway Theater in downtown Mount Pleasant.

We would love for you to join us either night!! It’s a tremendous way to celebrate with your family! Please be inviting like crazy!

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  1. Jason, love your preaching from your heart. I know that Thrive is small but if you don’t do anything else , let them know how generous they are. After you convince them and yourself you won’t have to ask for money. I know because our church constantly asks but We are never led to feel like we are
    A generous church.

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