Meet Thrive’s new Staff member…Dr. Tom Rundel

IMG_6376There may not be another man on this planet that I admire more than Dr. Tom Rundel.

That being said, I’m excited to announce that he is joining the Thrive staff as our Spiritual Formation Pastor.

We are beyond excited to have him join our team! He’s starting in a very part time role, but we’re praying as our Church grows, his role will expand. For the last couple of months, he’s been no stranger to Thrive. He’s taught on Sunday mornings. He taught a special night on the Gospel. He wrote a book that went along with our REACH series. He’s helped us craft sermons and series. He’s provided a lot of healing at Thrive!

Actually, if I had a dime for every Thriver that asked me why he isn’t a part of our staff, I would be rich. So, over the last few months I’ve been talking with our Elders and Financial team and a bunch of Thrivers. Tom and I have been praying and talking and we put together a great plan for him to come on board and help the spiritually hungry deepen and mature their faith.


The really awesome part about this story is that our friendship goes back 20 years. We met in 1995 and we both worked at a restaurant called Mountain Jacks. I had the privilege to disciple Tom and then Tom has basically been my spiritual director and mentor! He’s an amazing man and has more wisdom in his pinky that I have in 29 years of life!

So, for Thrive to be able to partner with him, is just HUGE! He’s an amazing teacher, he’s an amazing writer and he’s a incredible Pastor!

Because Thrive is just over 2 years old, in order for Tom to come on to our staff, he will be raising support until Thrive can support him.

So, would you help? You can give HERE and your support will be used directly to support Dr. Tom.

Check out this video to find out a little more about what he’ll be doing at Thrive!


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