4 Ways to Invite People to Thrive this Christmas Season

We are in the Christmas Season! Actually, Christmas is NEXT WEEK!?!

In the midst of how crazy Christmas can be, don’t forget that it is also a tremendous time to introduce Jesus to friends and family.

Did you know (according to Ed Stetzer) that 57% of people would accept an invite to Church this Christmas Season?

So, who are you inviting? First spend some time praying and just simply ask God to put people on your heart and then invite them. Here are 4 simple ways to invite people to Thrive this Christmas season.

4 Ways to Invite

1. Post about Thrive on your personal facebook/twitter/instagram/snapchat. Its Sunday-At-Thriveamazing how easy this is and how effective it can be. Either share posts from Thrives main Facebook page or share a photo about Thrive and invite people to come with you. You can use this photo and share it today.

2.  Send someone a private message, text, email or call them. Yup, this is pretty darn effective as well! But, just shoot a friend or family member or co-worker a simple message like…’hey, what are you doing Sunday morning? want to come with Thrive with me? it’s super casual, it’s fun and the people there are great’.

3. Invite them to STARRY NIGHT. Starry Night is our Christmas Eve’s Eve and starry nightChristmas Eve  Outreach. It will be a GREAT night to bring your whole family too and it would be another awesome night to invite someone who God puts on your heart.

We will celebrate the birth of Jesus. There will be incredible music…our band has been putting in extra rehearsals just for this night! It will be fun! It will be a chance for our Church family to celebrate together!

4. Pass out the little invite cards we gave you at Thrive! This is another super easy and fantastic  way to invite friends and family! Leave them at restaurants, hang them on bulletin boards and just pass them out.

Ok, this Sunday and then December 23rd and 24th are HUGE for our Church. Let’s do everything we can to invite people and bring them to Thrive to hear the life changing message of Jesus!

See you on Sunday!

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