Miracle # 2…and Sunday Night Reflections about Life, Family and Thrive Church

Today was an amazing day! No really, like off the charts amazing!

thrive two

This morning at Thrive was incredible and then we had our Small Group Christmas party and it was a B L A S T!!

But, before I go into to some reflections and some thoughts on this past week, I thought I would write about another miracle we experienced this week. If you remember, the beginning of the week brought this miracle. And, the week ended with another miracle!!

Winona Mae Adoption Miracle

IMG_3305This morning at Thrive, I was pulled aside by one of our amazing volunteers and a friend of mine. He said that he and his wife had been praying and wanted to help with Winona’s adoption. Then, he handed the exact amount we needed to get our home study paid for!


No joke. We have to pay $2500 for our home study and we paid part of it and have been raising money for the rest. What he handed me was just the amount we needed and we can pay this week and get the home study going. The sooner we can get through the sooner we can bring Winona Home!!

If you would like to help us raise the money we need to bring Winona home, please head here. Every gift matters, no matter the size! Thanks!

Sunday Night Reflections

About Life…I shared a pretty intimate story this morning with some trust and anxiety struggles I was having at Thrive! I also shared that at 330am last Sunday night, God met with me and broke me free from them. Its amazing what happens when that happens in your life.

I learned something new this week about Proverbs 3:5-6 and Matthew 11:28.

When our souls needs are satisfied, we really do find peace!

IMG_1125Also, I LOVE MY SMALL GROUP!! HOLY COW!! These bless my life and I love being a part of this community!!

About family…Someone asked me this week how my family is at all our Church related stuff. I said, well, I’m the Pastor. But, then I answered this way. Because God/Church comes first for us, we plan our whole schedule around that. Now, if our kids have something that conflicts with a church event and it’s important for them to be at, sure they miss the Church event. But, we’re just a little different that way.

We start with the church calendar, put all that stuff in and then go from there. I think the typical family puts in all their family and school stuff and then works in church.

Nah, I’d rather do it our way. Our kids love our Church, we love our Church and we’ve made that a priority!

About Thrive…Could I love my church any more? NOPE! I love how non-churchy we are! Recently, I watched a sermon from a church near by and it was really good. I just noticed how churchy it was. And, that’s great. That’s fine because their audience is church people. I just love how at Thrive, we use REAL every day language.

We have a couple of HUGE weeks for Thrive! This Sunday is a Massive Sunday! And then we have…’STARRY NIGHT’! starry

I’m praying big things for these next couple of week! I would cherish your prayers as well!

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