Who says Miracles don’t happen?? I experienced a MIRACE this week!

I can’t even tell you how many times people have told me that miracles don’t happen and God doesn’t answer prayers!

That’s a crock of crap! 

Yes, I know a little strong for a Thursday morning! Hah! But, come on! Not only do they exist, I’ve experienced them! And, I experienced another one this week!

Over the weekend, I was in a lot of pain!  Actually, the most pain I’ve ever been in and I’ve experienced some pretty good pain in my life. I’ve had a few bad infections  that lead to hospital stays with IV’s and pick lines. And I’ve had terrible back pain for as long as I can remember. So, I get pain.

This weekend was the worst! I had tooth pain! A back molar was pissed off and kept me up for 30 straight hours! NO JOKE!

30 straight hours! 

I had to keep cold water on my tooth or it felt like someone was hammering a screwdriver into my head and my mouth felt like it was on fire. It was actually pretty horrific! At 11pm I didn’t know what else to do, so Tracie drove me to the ER and they tired to numb it up but it barely felt like they touched me!

No drug make it feel better!

I finally got to my dentist at 900am and they went to town. When I finally got pretty numb, I FELT AMAZING! Then, instead of taking the tooth out (cuz I’m already missing a few), they tried to save it with a root canal. But, they couldn’t get me numb enough. It was so painful. I actually sweated through my sweatshirt and my dentist sent me to a specialist an hour away.

When we got to the specialist, we found out our insurance wouldn’t cover the procedure till April!

WHAT THE H*&^%!?! 

Actually, I said a few choice words!

So, an exam and x-ray were covered, so I had the dentist take a look. He was amazing. He looked at me and said, you’re not going to make it another day with this pain, so we’ll figure something out. I wasn’t about to argue with him.

They started with more shots…I think I had 20+ shots between Sunday and Monday into the side of my mouth. Then he started to work and work and work. Finally and hour later, he was done! He finished. After being up for 25 hours at that point, I felt so relieved.

During the procedure he found out that I was a Pastor and it turns out he was a follower of Jesus.

Then the moment happened. The miracle.

He looked at me and said, thank you for all you do as a Pastor, this is on me, Merry Christmas!

Now, the whole time I was trying to figure out how we were going to pay for this. It was an $1100 procedure! With 4 kids and 2 with PKU and trying to adopt, we are strapped! There wasn’t anything in the budget for this!

Now, what happened next is not my best moment, but I just started to cry. Hey, I was up for a long time and in a lot of pain! He went out and met my wife and the nurse just looked at me with the kind of look that said…’do you get what just happened’?

Oh, I get what just happened. God provided another miracle!


If you’ve never experienced a miracle, maybe it’s because you give up too soon. Maybe you don’t learn from the pain of life. Maybe you need to take your obedience to the next level. I don’t know, just some thoughts.

As for me and my house, we will always serve the Lord.

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