Sunday Night Reflections (on Monday) about Life, Family and Thrive Church

It has been a really tough couple of days. No really, it’s been hard. Why? Because pain has ruled my life. I came home from work on Wednesday with a migraine and at the same time, my back started acting up. Then, late Thursday night a tooth ache from the pits of hell attacked.

That tooth ache turned into the most massive tooth pain I’ve ever had in my life. Fast forward to Sunday night…I didn’t sleep one hour. I couldn’t. I had to keep cold water on my tooth. I literally paced and prayed all over my house. Counting down the hours. 11pm, 12pm, 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am.

Then finally, I got into my dentist this morning and he did the best job he could, but he ended up sending me to a specialist on Saginaw. Long story short, after hours and hours, he was able to complete the root canal! Whew!

I learned a lot about pain, God’s providence, God’s plan and trusting Him the last couple of days. I’ve got a couple of blog posts swirling around in my head!

Often times…

Pain can Lead to Great Joy! 

So, because I didn’t write this last night when I normally do, I’m doing it now.

Some Reflections

Life. I think I covered it pretty well in my introduction! But, I learned in the midst of the crazy pain, I can still Praise God for who He is. I can still sing Praise to God. I can still ask Him for His mercy, grace and favor!

Family. I’m not sure how to put in words how I feel about my family?!? How about this…I absolutely LOVE my family! I love that we laugh together. We have fun together.

And, I love that we’re all EXCITED about bringing home Winona Mae!! IMG_3316


force awakens

We had a GREAT start to ‘The Force Awakens’! Our creative team did an amazing job of bringing the theme to life! Sunday was fun, but it was simple! And it was powerful! I have received numerous emails about how God moved in peoples hearts! Those are the best kind of emails to receive!!!

We dove into Luke 2:1-10 and talked about how HOPE was awakened when Jesus entered the World!

I so can’t wait for week TWO of ‘The Force Awakens’ this Sunday! I hope you can make it and be a part!!!

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