Today’s your day to stop running away from God and Church

You’ve been running.

You’ve been avoiding.

You’ve been dodging.

You’ve been quiet.

You’ve been wandering.

You can’t help it. Life has been really hard this season of life. Every time Sunday rolls around there is a little voice that urges you to go check out a Church, but each week it gets quieter and quieter.

You’ve been running from God. You’ve been running away from Church.

There might even be people who have been inviting you week after week, but you always have an excuse. And actually, they’ve stopped inviting you because you always say no, you always have an excuse.

Maybe you were once a part of a Church and you were there every single week.  But, slowly and surely you drifted away.  People reached out for awhile, but they stopped. They didn’t want to bug you.

Today is your day to stop running away and start running towards. 

God has something amazing for you and you’re closer than you think. So, here is your invite to Thrive. Thrive is a church for people who have been running away from God and Church. Thrive is a Church where no perfect people are allowed. A Church where it doesn’t matter how you dress, what you wear, where you work or if you have doubts.

Just come as you are. Just be you. Just be ready to be welcomed and accepted and loved.

Just stop running.

Thrive Church meets at Celebration Cinema at either 9 or 1015.

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