Sunday Night Reflections…About…Life, Family and Thrive Church

Wow! It’s honestly been an incredible Sunday!

I N C R E D I B L E ! 

I’m sitting in my bedroom and its the calm before the storm in the Raitz house. Our Small Group will be here soon and it will get real in the Raitz house! My kids have been asking for hours if it’s time for small group and I’m excited that the answer is YES!!

Before small group and then before I crash for the night, I thought I would write down a few reflections at the end of the previous week and the beginning of a new one.

Reflections about Life, Family and Thrive Church

1. I’ve been so humbled by everyone who has helped share our journey to adopt! Gosh, every share on Facebook just means the world! And, it’s been so humbling that people have already started giving to our adoption fund! A Pastor friend actually shared a link to an adoption grant on my Facebook page and I already filled it out!!

2. I love who my kids are becoming. Being a parent is one of the greatest joys and privileges of my life and I love my kids. I love the young men and women they are becoming. I love that their teachers all gushed about having them in class and how respectful they were. I love that! Are they perfect, no? But, wow, I am blessed.

3. My parents are my hero’s. They have been for a long time and the older I get, their hero status is more and more cemented.

4. I’m excited to see what God continues to do in Bekah’s heart after Ecuador. She was rocked. Her heart was broken and I’m praying that God put a Holy Discontent on her heart for ministry.

5. Speaking of Bekah, I’ve been praying since the day she was born that her and I would partner together and today we did that. We spoke together in church and it was so much fun. It was awesome! And, I couldn’t be more proud of her! She’s on her way to becoming a gifted communicator. IMG_0827

6. Today was the one year anniversary of an amazing Thriver. Get this, she didn’t miss one Sunday, all year! How amazing is that? In our world where people skip church because of an inch of snow, it was awesome and inspiring to hear her story! I wish we had 100 more like her! Her heart and dedication are off the charts!

7. ‘This Church saved my life’. I heard those amazing words this morning at Thrive! I could cry thinking about the story I was told and how this family had been searching for a church for a long time and they felt at home their first Sunday! So humbling!

8. One of my best friends in the world taught at Thrive this morning and he just killed it! Dr. Tom Rundel is just amazing. His heart for Jesus and his gift to make complex truths come alive, is incredible. I love that God brought his gifts and talents to Thrive. Now, I’m just dreaming about the day when Thrive can hire Tom and he can help develop our church spiritually. IMG_0811

9. We have about $30,000 to raise to bring home Winona Mae from China. There are moments when that seems so astronomical and then there are moments when it seems like nothing because of how big God is! Regardless, I’m dreaming of the day we get to bring her home from China.

10. God’s presented Thrive with an amazing fall and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for the Winter!

Ok, I’m late to my own Small Group! I can’t wait. Plus, we eat well at our small group!

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