One of the reasons we’re adopting…

Tracie and I both had amazing childhoods. Tracie and I both have amazing parents.

We’re blessed in that department!christmas card photo

Our parents were both extremely intentional and we’re so thankful for that. Our parents spoiled us with their time and amazing creativity. To do this day, we are very close to both sets of parents. Shoot, my parents moved to Central MI to help us plant a church and be by their grand kids.

One of the reasons we’re adopting is because we love being parents! That was passed on to us from our parents!

We love being parents!

I’ll never forgot the day Tracie told me she was pregnant with Bekah! She showed up at my office and she was beaming!! I don’t think I ever saw her smile that much! And then God blessed us with Bobby, Zach and Madie.

To be honest, my family is the best part of my life. Yes, we are not perfect. Yes, we do get frustrated with our kids and they get frustrated with us. But, we laugh a lot as a family. We talk a lot as a family. And, we’ve had some amazing trips together.

So, one of the reasons we’re adopting and adding to our family is because we love being parents.

We would be honored if you would help us add to our family.

If you would like to help us, you can do that HERE.


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