In the midst of all the spending…Would you consider Giving?

Today’s Black Friday. People are going crazy looking for great deals. And, there are a ton, nothing wrong with that at all! But, check out some of these crazy statistics about Black Friday and Christmas spending:

  • $50.1 billion will be spent today.
  • Just over $630 billion is expected to be spent on retail merchandise in the 30 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

Here’s another crazy stat…

  • Just over $83 billion will be given to American churches for the ENTIRE YEAR of 2015 in charitable donations.
  • $260 billion total to all charities combined by individuals. 

How backwards is that? Again, there is nothing wrong with buying stuff or gifts or getting a great deal. Nothing. But, if you spend more on Christmas gifts this year than you gave to your local church or to other Kingdom minded para church organizations, please do a gut check.

Jesus said in Matthew 6:21…’For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’ There’s a reason Jesus talked about money more than almost anything else. Because our money can control our hearts and Jesus taught us time and time again to be generous and to put Jesus first.

So, here’s my question you to you today:

Would you consider giving today? give

Here a few ideas:

1. Give to your local Church. There really isn’t a better investment you can make!

2. Sponsor a Child through Compassion. For just $38 a month, you can literally releasecompassion a child from poverty.

3. Help someone adopt a child. Yes, this one is a little near and dear to my heart, but there are a ton of families who are trying to adopt and all they need is money.

There are so many other ways to give, just pick one and give.



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