What I’m Thankful For…My Family, My Friends, My Church and Adoption

I am one EXTREMELY thankful person!

God has been really good to me. He has been really good to my family! As I think about how much He has blessed me…it’s literally OVERWHELMING!

So, today I am Thankful! I choose to be Thankful! I will be Thankful!

Here’s what I’m Thankful for…

One…My Family! They’re precious. They’re wonderful. They’re amazing. They’re christmas card photoincredible. They’re life-giving. They’re fun. They make me smile. They bring me joy. They light up my life. They are the greatest part of my life! I love them!

Two…My Friends. I have some great friends. Don’t why I’m blessed with such great friends. I have 20 year old friends. I have friends around the country. I have friends in my own back yard. I have friends in IL, MI, WI, OH, NY, PA, MA, FL, GA, TN, CA, CO, TX…Ok, this is silly! I have friends in almost every state! We’re all not BFF’s and talk every moment, but I am blessed!

Three…My Church! I love my Church! I have dreamed of this Church since 1995 whenIMG_4652 I first started working at Churches. I have given my Church my time, prayer, heart, tears, sweat, blood and every penny of our savings. I love that we run after people who are far from God. I love that our hearts break over people who are messy and desperately need Jesus. I love that we are passionate about Jesus. I love that we are high challenge Church and challenge the comfortable! I love that we are a Fun Church. I love that we keep it simple. And, I love that we are REAL!

Four…Adoption. I am thankful for Adoption! I am thankful that Jesus adopted me into IMG_3316His family and I am thankful for the millions who adopt every year! And, I am thankful that the Raitz family is joining the Adoption family! I can’t wait to bring Winona Mae home to our family! I love that our entire family is so excited to welcome her in!

I am Thankful! I am Grateful! I choose to be Thankful even when everyday I face excruciatingly tough situations. I choose to be thankful even when I face discouragement. I choose it because the reality is, God has blessed me! God has blessed my family! God has blessed my Church!

And…I am Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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