Sunday Night Reflections…I may never complain again

It’s Sunday night! It’s been quite a week! Awesome to Exhausting and everything in between.

The longer I’m a Pastor, it’s amazing to me how quickly I can experience the complete range of crazy emotions in a super short amount of time.

Here are some of my Sunday Night Reflections. 

1. I SHOULD never complain again. I spent most of the week in Ecuador on a Compassion Vision Trip and after experiencing a level of poverty I have never seen or experienced before in my life, I should NEVER COMPLAIN EVER AGAIN! IMG_0565

I am blessed and I am rich and I have nothing  to complain about. After standing in homes that were the size of a bathroom and had no running water, I have nothing to complain about!

2. I LOVED traveling with Bekah. Because of some extreme generosity, Bekah was given the chance to travel with me to Ecuador. It was a life changing trip and I can’t even begin to tell you how special it was to be with her all week. We had incredible conversations and we both had an incredible experience.

3. I am FIRED up! GOD ignited my heart this week. He renewed my passion to reach Central MI for Jesus. He broke my heart for the plight of the poor. He kicked me in the pants to do more for the Kingdom. He reminded me that He loved me! I am fired up!

4. I LOVE MY CHURCH! Today was so good! Because I wasn’t teaching today, I could engage in more conversations and hang out with volunteers. I hung out in Thrive Kidz and it was awesome! I just love my church. I, for the life of me can’t figure why some folks choose to only be a part of Church once a month!?! It’s just crazy to me!

5. I love when Parents serve with their Teens! I counted three sets of parents who IMG_0736serve with their teens this morning at Thrive! That blows my mind and is completely awesome! Oh, wait, as I think about it, it’s actually 5!

6. My heart broke when I heard someone left Thrive Church. I don’t think people realize that Pastors actually hurt when people leave their churches. Thrive has had it’s fair share of people who have left and every time I find out, my heart breaks.

Especially when they just stop showing up and never respond to any messages. It honestly hurts. But, you do everything you can do and keep praying for them.

7. I love my Thrive staff team! I work with some absolutely amazing people. I was gone all week and my team did an incredible job preparing for Sunday and our upcoming projects!

8. I can’t figure out why more people don’t sponsor kids through Compassion.  After seeing the work of Compassion first hand and meeting sponsor kids and adults who were sponsor kids, it’s such an easy way to literally save children from a life of poverty or even premature death.

9. My wife’s a rock star! She busts her butt all week long. She kills it with Zach and Madie’s diet. She works hard on Sunday’s. She takes care of a family of 6.

And, right now, she’s hobbling around the house because she hurt her back setting up Thrive Kidz and its hard to see her in pain! We’ve really got to build up our Thrive Kidz set up team.

When the kids were little, it was the same thing. I love talking to families sometimes who use their kids being young as a reason they skip out on Church or volunteering. Gosh, when our kids were little we went to a church where it took Tracie 20 minutes to drop off all 4 kids in the kids ministry and since I worked there, I could never help.

She’s a rock star. I’m so proud of her. And, today, we actually sat together in church! Huge for us!

10. I dream of having every one who calls Thrive their home church together on a Sunday. Maybe it’s the wrong dream. But the synergy and the energy and the momentum that comes when everyone shows up is just awesome! You can feel it in the air. I’ve learned over the course of 2 years, it’s a tough dream to have. I’ve read in a few places that the average church attender is not 1.5 times a month.

So, it’s a tough dream. But, I’ll keep working and dreaming and praying!

Planting and Leading a Church has been the toughest endeavor of my life. But, I feel so blessed to be Thrive’s Pastor and I’m so excited for what’s ahead!

I really believe the best is yet to come!


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