3 Life Changing Moments I experienced this week in Ecuador

Ok, the title of this post is absolutely ridiculous! Why? Because I experienced way more than 3 amazing moments! The entire week was life changing! And, to be honest. I’m a mess. I just posted a photo album of the trip and I’m having a hard time typing through the tears. But, here goes.

3 Moments I will NEVER forget. 

1. Meeting our Compassion sponsored child, Yacel. Our family sponsors three children from Ecuador. Miguel, Ruth Ester and Yacel. I will never forget that moment. NEVER! I pray that our entire family has an opportunity to head back to Ecuador to meet all three. IMG_0597

Ok, I’m about to share something I’m not proud of, but here goes. For years, I didn’t understand the gravity and how important it was to sponsor a child! I just didn’t. I’m ashamed of that! It will never happen again! Every letter you sent your child is a precious treasure to them. They look at your pictures! They pray for you! And, your $38 a month literally releases them from poverty! More on that and the work of Compassion and Stadia later.

2. Watching Greg Nettle, his daughter and their sponsored child cut the ribbon to the Church his family planted! Here’s the thing, Greg Nettle is the real deal! Every time I am able to be around him, I am inspired at a whole new level! When he says he’s all in for church planting and making sure every child has a church, he’s ALL IN! IMG_0619

He raised money to plant this church by climbing a freaking mountain! People sponsored him by the foot and he was able to plant a church! How stinking incredible is that? If that’s not enough, his high school daughter and a group of friends raised enough money as well to plant a church! Are you kidding me?!?

And, here’s how powerful all this is! This Church has literally brought HOPE to this community. It also doubles as Child Development Center and it has an Infant Survival Program as well! Lives are being saved from death and the light of Christ is shining in this community!

3. Watching Wes Stafford’s sponsored kids hug him with the kind of hug that would cause anyone to cry!IMG_0695

Here’s the story. 20 years ago, Wes and his wife sponsored twin girls. For 20 years they sent letters, care packages and visited them when they could. The twins are now adults  and because of the sponsorship, the child development center and the church, their lives were saved. They were released from poverty.

I was sitting in the church listening the Pastor of the church through the translator and I just happened to turn around and I saw these women race to Wes. He barely had time to stand because they attacked him with the most incredible hug. Tears were flowing. And then, when some of us realized what was happening, we started to cry!

It was the most amazing moment! I can’t even express how powerful it was to sit in a  church that didn’t exist 35 years ago. How powerful it was to realize that these women were just girls when they were sponsored and their lives were saved. How powerful it was to learn that thousands of kids have been sponsored in this area and because of the light of Christ, the entire area has been changed!

Here’s what I know…

I’m tired. I’m fed up. I’m done living the way I have been. What way is that? Not caring enough about the plight of the poor both at home and around the world! I spent so much time confessing the sin of not using the resources God’s blessed me with for His kingdom. I’m done.

It’s time to get serious. It’s time to get focused. It’s time to help other people experience moments like this so they will receive the gift of a Holy Discontent from God and do something for His Kingdom.

I would urge you to please check out the work of Compassion and Stadia. Pray about how you can get involved to release children from poverty in Jesus name and make sure every child has a church!

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