Bekah and I are headed to Ecuador…

Today is the day. In about 20 minutes, Bekah (my 15 year old daughter) and I are heading to Ecuador! IMG_6807

Here’s a little more information about our trip and why we’re going. We have the privilege of traveling with a group of Pastors to see first hand all of Compassion and Stadia’s work to release children from poverty! We will get to see Child Development Centers and how Compassion is working in Ecuador to free kids from a life of poverty.

It’s an honor and we’re excited! We’re humbled! We’re blessed!

Bekah and I have traveled a bunch together in the past. I have taken Bekah on numerous trips with me on speaking engagements all over the country, but she’s never been out of the country.

I am so excited for her!

I’m excited for this time with her. I’m excited for her to experience another country. I’m excited for her heart and her soul to be wrecked when she sees the plight of the poor. I’m excited to hear how God speaks to her on this trip.

This trip is such a blessing and I’m honored that Compassion and Stadia asked us to go. I can’t wait to see first hand all that these amazing ministries are doing to save children!

We would cherish your prayers!

Bekah had to raise $1000 for this trip and she’s still about $300 short. If you would like to help her, you can give here. Thank you so much and thank you to everything that already gave!

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