Parents…Here’s One way to get your kids more interested in Church

Calling all Moms and Dads. Calling all Step Moms and Dads. Calling all Grandparents. Calling all Aunts and Uncles. Calling all Mentors.

Let me cut right to the point of this post…

I’m often asked how parents can get their kids more interested in church.

So, here’s One extremely simple way to get your kids more interested in Church.

You (as the adult) find a church you’re interested in and then

really be a part!

Simple, right? I have seen this work time and time again. But, here’s the secret, you have to be A PART! Not nominally, not sort of, not kind of, not sometime, not barely, not in a kind of sorta way, not when it fits in your schedule…but really be a part!

And, the best way for this to work is if you do this from the time your kids are born all the way up. Yup, you as the parent just model believing that because of Jesus, the Local Church is the Hope of the World. And because of that, its worth believing in, giving your time and finances and being a raving fan of THE CHURCH and your church.

Here are 10 Ways our Family is Really A Part of our Church…

1. We serve together as a family. Yes, I’m the Pastor and part of my job is to be there on Sunday’s. But, we all head to Church together on Sunday’s. And, our kids each have a serving role.

2. We talk about tithing and giving with our kids. From early on, we’ve talked about it with our kids. Demonstrated it and helped them when they earn.

3. We don’t junk about people in our church. If you want your kids to not like church, then talk about how horrible the people are. Just choose not too.

4. We dream together. We talk all the time how we can make our church better. What we can do to help others.

5. We are all a part of our small group. The Raitz kids look forward to Sunday night and we all refer to it as our small group. Now, the adults stay upstairs and the kids head downstairs. But, it’s our group and we make it a priority to keep Sunday evenings free and clear.

6. We are a part of one church. I know a few families who just visit a couple of churches. I don’t get it. Find a church and plug in.

7. We make sure our kids are a part of the kids and student ministry. Now, I was a youth pastor for 15 years, so student ministry is still very important to me. But, at every phase of kids and student ministry, they have been very important to our family.

Sometimes school stuff (sports, grades, band, etc) comes first in some families. That’s just not the way we do it. Yes, school stuff is very important. But, if the local church is hope of the world, why would I not do everything I can to get my kids as plugged in as possible?

8. We make sure our kids are on every retreat and summer camp. I can’t even begin to describe how important this is to our family! My life was drastically changed when God spoke to me on my 8th grade retreat and I’ve lead and spoke at a few hundred retreats over the last 20 years. So, I know first hand how important they are!

9. We pray for our Church. The staff, the leaders, the people and our outreach.

10. We ask for their opinion. As we drive, as we eat, as we walk, as we talk…we’re always asking our kids for their opinion about our church. What they like, don’t like.

Last week I asked my kids what they love about their church and here’s what they said:

Zach…It’s Simple, Fun and Real. I love the music. IMG_2972

Bobby…My friends are there. There’s not many like ours.

Bekah…We’ve been a part of its growth and that’s fun to see. It’s an energetic environment. I get to lead.

Made…We get to have PJ day. We love the people there. I get to help set up.

Ok, we’re not the perfect family. BY FAR! There are Sunday’s that its an all our brawl to get everyone out the door. But, for the most part, we really do love our church…together.

Now, just a little add on. This has been our pattern since our kids were infants. If you’re new to Church, your journey may be a bit different. I would still encourage you to start with this list. Model it for your kids. Ask them to be a part. And just keep asking them to be a part with you.

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