Some Sunday Night Reflections…

It’s Sunday night. The kids are about in bed…well, they will be soon. Music is playing and the house is calm. An hour ago it was packed with adults and kids from our small group and now everything has settled down.

This is probably the wrong time to write a reflective post because I’m exhausted. I really do feel like I give 110% on Sunday’s and by 9pm I could pass for a walker on the Walking Dead. But, as I sit here and process, I just can’t stop thinking about how incredibly grateful I am.

A few thoughts…

One…God moved this morning at Thrive Church. He moved in peoples hearts. He thrive worshipdrew people closer to Himself. He wrecked some people. It was awesome!

We changed things up a ton this morning. It was very experiential. We included a spoken word piece, a powerful video, a couple different teachers, a dance, a scripture reading, worship and even a powerful hymn. Plus, there was communion and a few stations for people to head to receive prayer or confess sins.

Again, I’m just blown away. I had multiple people message me and tell me that God spoke to them. Multiple people were in tears. Several cried as they hugged me.

It was a powerful morning!

Two…I really love my small group. Our group meets every Sunday night. There are some Sunday’s that I’ve wanted to cancel, I think we did once and in the past we cancelled too often. I’ve found when you meet weekly, your group gels so quick! And, this fall has probably been the best season of small group I’ve ever experienced.

I love the people God’s brought together and its awesome to see friendships developing.

Three…I just feel so humbled to be Tracie’s husband, Bekah-Bob-Zach-Madie’s dad and Thrive’s Pastor. It’s been a tremendously awesome few years for our family. Yes, have there been really rough and hard moments, yes. But, I love how we are for each other. I love that my entire family has been a part of building Thrive. I love that we laugh a lot as a family.

I had a Pastor tell me once that he was jealous that Thrive has grown as fast as it has and how easy it’s been to grow a church. Honestly, I wanted to smack him. It hasn’t been easy at all. It’s been an uphill climb. There have been some incredibly painful moments where I felt like my heart was pierced.

But, there have been so many more extremely incredible moments! We’ve had a tough fall as a Church and in the midst, God is faithful. In the midst, our Church continues to grow. In the midst, people are meeting Jesus and people are becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus.

I am humbled and blessed to be Thrive’s Pastor.

Four…I love retreats and I love that parents sent their kids on a retreat this weekend! Our 4th and 5th graders headed up to SpringHill Camp and I am so pumped! I love retreats and I know first hand the power of what God can do over a weekend retreat and I was so excited that Thrive parents sent their kids. club 45 2015

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