I think you would love my church…you’re invited to check it out

I don’t know if you have a church home.IMG_4409

I don’t know if you have given up on church.

I don’t know if you believe in God.

I don’t know if you think all Christians are hypocrites.

But, what I do know is this…

I think you would love my Church. Thrive Church. 

So, here is your official invite. You are officially invited to check out my Church, Thrive, this morning at Celebration Cinema. We have two different experience times…9 or 1015. (Oh, we don’t call them services because we want to experience God).

Don’t worry about dressing up. Actually, we’re extremely casual. I’m the pastor and I mainly wear jeans and t-shirts and now hoodies. Just wear what you’re comfortable in.

If you have kids, bring them. You will check into the Thrive Kidz check in stations and they we’ll show you where the kids area is. Your kids will have a blast.

Then, you can grab some Bigby coffee and donuts (if you’re in to those) and then head to theater one. That’s where our experience is and you can find a seat. Get ready, because we have movie theater seats…yes, they’re awesome!

The band will lead us and they’re awesome! It may be a little loud for some, but we have a little loud to ease peoples fears from singing out loud. With it a little loud, no one else can hear you singing, so you can sing at the top of your lungs.

We’ll talk about the Bible and what Jesus has for our lives. It will be fun and very practical and it will be challenging.

All that will happen in about an hour! So, bring someone with you. Show up to Celebration Cinema about 15 minutes before the experience begins. I guarantee you will be greeted with a giant smile and people who really are excited you’re checking out Thrive!

We’ll see you soon!


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