So Incredibly EXCITED for December at Thrive Church!

DECEMBER is a HUGE Month for THRIVE CHURCH!! I couldn't be more excited and I hope you will be as well! We have a tremendous opportunity as a Church to help people find and follow Jesus and December is a GREAT month to do that. So, we are really ramping things up and I wanted... Continue Reading →


Sunday Night Reflections…About…Life, Family and Thrive Church

Wow! It's honestly been an incredible Sunday! I N C R E D I B L E !  I'm sitting in my bedroom and its the calm before the storm in the Raitz house. Our Small Group will be here soon and it will get real in the Raitz house! My kids have been asking... Continue Reading →

Today’s your day to stop running away from God and Church

You've been running. You've been avoiding. You've been dodging. You've been quiet. You've been wandering. You can't help it. Life has been really hard this season of life. Every time Sunday rolls around there is a little voice that urges you to go check out a Church, but each week it gets quieter and quieter.... Continue Reading →

In the midst of all the spending…Would you consider Giving?

Today's Black Friday. People are going crazy looking for great deals. And, there are a ton, nothing wrong with that at all! But, check out some of these crazy statistics about Black Friday and Christmas spending: $50.1 billion will be spent today. Just over $630 billion is expected to be spent on retail merchandise in... Continue Reading →

What I’m Thankful For…My Family, My Friends, My Church and Adoption

I am one EXTREMELY thankful person! God has been really good to me. He has been really good to my family! As I think about how much He has blessed's literally OVERWHELMING! So, today I am Thankful! I choose to be Thankful! I will be Thankful! Here's what I'm Thankful for... One...My Family! They're... Continue Reading →

The Raitz Family Needs Your Help to Adopt and Bring home Winona Mae!!

The Raitz Family has some some HUGE news!  We're trying...praying...hoping... believing that we are going to Adopt Winona Mae from China! That's our name for her. It's after Tracie's two grandmothers. She actually wanted to name both girls that, but Bekah and Madison won out then. Now it's time for Winona Mae. Her name as... Continue Reading →

Excited to Encourage 2nd Graders to Choose Kindness over Bullying today at Beal City School

It's been awhile, about a year and a half, but today I'm encouraging 2nd graders to Choose Kindness over Bullying. Let me back up. Before I planted Thrive Church, I started a non profit called Live Now Leadership and I spoke in schools to encourage students to Choose Kindness over Bullying. But, with the rapid... Continue Reading →

Week three of ‘Everybody’s is Amazing and Nobody’s Happy’

We have been in a great teaching series at Thrive called... 'Everything is Amazing and Nobody's Happy' To watch past talks, head here.          A funny thing happened this last Sunday. I was posting about this series and I accidentally typed...Everybody is Amazing and nobody's happy. One of Thrivers pointed that out... Continue Reading →

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