Thrive’s Biggest Step of Faith Yet…the REACH campaign

This past Sunday, I introduced the REACH campaign to Thrive Church.  I was so excited and I have been waiting forever to share it! Our Thrive staff and leadership team have been working on this since May! This is literally our BIGGEST step of faith yet as a Church! Check out the website…


Simply put…the REACH campaign is a ONE year spiritual & financial commitment to help THRIVE expand our REACH to Mt Pleasant, Central Michigan and the World.

Thrive started out as a conversation around a dining room table with 8 people and 101 weeks later, it has turned into a movement of over 500 men, woman, kids and students! It’s truly an ONLY GOD thing!

98 people have trusted in Jesus as their Savior and 112 people have gone public with their faith through baptism and last Sunday, we had a 94% increase over the last year! God is literally changing lives and it’s so humbling and amazing to be a part of what He is doing!  Again, ONLY GOD! 

But, here’s the reality. We need to free up space at the movie theater we rent because there are so many more people who need to be reached and we can’t do that without taking some giant steps of faith. You see, we’re out of space in our kids environments and we’re just about out of space in our adult environments!

And, that’s a HUGE problem.

So, we’ve started the REACH campaign! We’re asking everyone that calls Thrive their home church and friends and family who support our mission and vision from afar, to be a part of this intuitive.

We’re asking people to make some Spiritual commitments:

  • Learn, Live and Share the Gospel
  • Join a Small Group
  • Be a part of the 28 Day REACH Prayer Walk
  • Serve on a Thrive team
  • Read the REACH book
  • Invite a friend to Thrive

We’re asking people to also make some financial commitments:

  • To give financially to God through Thrive Church with a consistent and prayerful percentage gift.
  • To give a Big Gift on October 4th at our TWO year anniversary Sunday
  • To give a monthly gift towards the REACH campaign for the next year.

The goal is to raise…


It seems like a million dollars! But, with God all things are possible and He is already doing miracles all over the place at Thrive! To see the break down of our goal, just check out 

It doesn’t matter if you live in Arizona or Florida, you can be a part! If you’re a Partner at Thrive or you call Thrive your home Church, I’m asking you to pray and carefully consider the step of faith God is asking you to take!

The exciting thing to me about this effort to raise these extra funds is that over half of what we raise will be…


Seriously! $90,000 of it will be used to plant a Church in Ecuador through Stadia and Compassion International. $20,000 of this will be used to buy kids shoes for our Shoe Project in March. $6000 of this will be used to send Kids and Students on retreats and summer camp!

How awesome is that??????

And, the other portion that is raised will help us add 4 additional Kid theaters to our Thrive Kidz environment on Sundays and we will add a video venue experience across the hall in our movie theater for adults as well! We will also be able to purchase additional portable cases, walls, mats, carpets, toys and equipment for our kid spaces.

This is HUGE! This is SO NEEDED! And, I hope and pray you will consider being a part!

If you have questions, do not hesitate to email me,

Thanks for praying for Thrive Church! Please pray that God will continue to change peoples lives and draw them closer to Him!


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