‘REACH’ + Free Book + Meet Dave = Special Sunday at Thrive

Every Sunday at Thrive is special to me.

But, today is an extra helping of special! church for no church

Why? Because Sunday’s are only a tiny part of Thrive! It’s just a little sliver in the Thrive pie! Our goal is to get people to Thrive on Sunday’s so they can find Jesus and then get them connected to a small group or a team so they can experience biblical friendship and community! We believe passionately (like Andy Stanley says) that circles are better than rows.

And, today at Thrive we have a couple of HUGE moments planned.

ONE…We start our ‘REACH’ series! We actually had Dr. Tom Rundel from Liminal Living write a book specifically for Thrive as we tackle how to learn, share and be the gospel. We’re passing out those books today and I’m hoping we have enough! So, please be there to get one!! 

TWO…Today we introduce Dave Shephard and his family to Thrive. Dave’s our newest staff member! He’s Thrive’s new Creative Director and his job is to help create amazing environments for kids, students and adults to connect with and experience Jesus! You can read more about it here and check out Dave’s blog here. 

THREE…We officially kick off our fall ministry season! We had a great summer at Thrive, but my goodness, there were some Sunday’s where I wondered if everybody was camping at once! Don’t get me wrong, I love that people love to camp and travel and everyone needs to get away and REST!! But, not all at once!! Hahah. So, I’m glad today that in some sense, people are back! Thrive Kidz has some special plans and it’s move up Sunday!!

FOUR…I’m giving-making-laying out a HUGE announcement! I’ve made some doozies at Thrive before, none compare to this one! Our staff and leadership team has been praying for months and months about our next steps and direction as a Church and today I lay it out! I probably should be crazy nervous. It will probably tick someone off, but I’m learning that there’s aways a small contingent of people who will be upset about something. But, today could potentially be a HUGE day for our Church! HUGE! HUGER! HUGEST!

And I’m EXCITED and HONORED and BLESSED to share! 

Alright, I don’t know what you’re doing, but I would love for you to join us at Celebration Cinema at either 9 or 1015am. OH…get there early and get into theater one early to get a seat!!!!

It’s going to be a GREAT Sunday! 

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