5 Super important reasons you have to be at Thrive this Sunday! And, 5 things to do while you’re at Thrive!

I can’t wait for Sunday!

Sunday is coming! 

This Sunday is an important one for Thrive! The reality is, tons of people haven’t been around Thrive for most of the summer. Family trips, camping, golf and all the other summer stuff. And that’s cool! But, this Sunday, I’m hoping we’re all back!

5 Super Important Reasons You Should be there this Sunday! 

1. To Gather Together! Scripture lays that out in Hebrews 10:24-25! So…SO…important to be together as a Church family!

2. To be Encouraged. Church isn’t an emotional boost, but it should encourage you. To remember that you are loved by the God that made you in His image! To be reminded that you’re loved and wanted!

3. To Serve. Thrive Church doesn’t exist without people investing their time and energy into the Kingdom!! Thanks in advance for serving people!

4. To learn how to REACH people. This Sunday we start a new series called REACH. We are going to learn the Gospel and how to live, learn and share it! Why, because as followers of Jesus, we’re called to go into the world and reach them!

5. To hear about our future! This Sunday I’m laying out our next steps as a Church! The reality is…we’re growing! FAST! And, we’re outgrowing our space on Sunday mornings! Our staff and leadership team has been praying for months about our next steps and I can’t wait to lay them out!

5 Super Important Things to Do

1. Pray before you come to Thrive! Seriously, start praying now! Take a prayer walk! Ask God for His blessings!!

2. Sign up to serve! You are needed every Sunday! And, we dream of every Thriver serving one experience and then attending one. So, email Lindsey.msibi@thrivechurchmi.cc right now to sign up.

3. Be early. I know its hard! Trust me, we have 4 kids! But, the earlier the better! It really does help!

4. Sit in the middle of a row! Theater one is filling up. It makes it easier on people to find a seat if the first ones in the theater sit in the middle. Thanks for doing that!

5. Get a REACH book. We’re passing out the book we’re all studying on Sunday! I’m hoping we have enough! Be there to get one!!

See you this Sunday at Celebration Cinema at either 9 or 1015. Bring someone! Bring two people! Pray! See you there!

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