Stuff isn’t all that important at the end of the day, but this stuff would help Thrive

Thrive Church is growing. I write those words with both fear and humility. Thrive is growing because God is moving. It’s an ONLY GOD thing! He’s using our little baby Church (100 weeks old!) to help people find and follow Jesus and it’s awesome!

In our short 100 weeks of existence:

Here are some of the highlights…

  • 98 people have trusted in Jesus as their Savior
  • 112 people have been baptized
  • 157 people serve on teams
  • Over 500 people call Thrive their home church!
  • We had a 223% growth from the last Sunday in August of 2014 to the last Sunday in August of 2015
  • We had the honor of giving a brand new pair of shoes to 425 elementary kids
  • We had the privilege to serve all the Elementary schools in our town
  • We’ve started a counseling ministry

Again, It’s ONLY GOD! 

That being said, with our growth, there are some very practical things that would help us keep growing as a Church and to continue making an impact in Central Michigan.

Now, we started with nothing. NOTHING! We didn’t even own a copier our first year. We didn’t start with any equipment, any computers or money! All we had was prayer and we still do! So, we started humbly asking God for the tools we needed and He’s provided big time along the way.

So, we’re praying again and we’re praying for these things.

For Discipleship

For Sunday’s at Thrive

  • (2) New Trailers (18-24 feet in new or good condition)
  • Sound &Lighting Needs
  • Video Equipment (Believe it or not, we don’t own any!)
  • Drum Set & Keyboard (Believe it or not, we don’t own any!)
  • Video Switcher and Equipment

For One Youth

  • IKEA couches for small groups (Email
  • Weekly budget for supplies
  • Scholarship money for students to attend our Winter Retreat and Summer Trip to Panama City Beach, FL.

For Thrive Kidz

  • Portable Cases
  • Walls
  • Mats and Carpets
  • Toys

For the Hub & Staff 

  • (1) Macbook Pro laptops
  • Laser Color Printer
  • iMac Computer
  • Full size refrigerator

For our (future) Central Michigan University Location

  • Trailer
  • Sound System & Lighting
  • Assessment for Campus Pastor for our CMU Location

Again, it’s just stuff and God has provided a ton! But, if you would like to help, please let me know!!

Email me… if you would like to help!!

I would be honored if you would help us reach more people for Jesus.


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