Thrive’s TWO year anniversary is this SUNDAY!!

I can't even believe that Thrive Church is turning TWO this Sunday?!? It's time to CELEBRATE! 1. We will celebrate God! We will worship Him! We will pray to Him! We will be encouraged from His word! We will thank Him for all He has done for us! 2. We will celebrate baptisms!! Make sure you're there... Continue Reading →


Is Jesus the ONLY WAY? Really?? Week two of REACH @ Thrive tomorrow!

Tomorrow at Thrive we tackle a HUGE verse! Tomorrow we tackle a HUGE idea. Tomorrow tackle a HUGE part of the Gospel. So, don't miss! Be ready! Get ready! So many people try to take Jesus out of the equation, but the reality's all about Jesus. Tomorrow at Thrive is going to rock. The band is ready!... Continue Reading →

Thrive’s Biggest Step of Faith Yet…the REACH campaign

This past Sunday, I introduced the REACH campaign to Thrive Church.  I was so excited and I have been waiting forever to share it! Our Thrive staff and leadership team have been working on this since May! This is literally our BIGGEST step of faith yet as a Church! Check out the website... Simply put...the... Continue Reading →

5 Super important reasons you have to be at Thrive this Sunday! And, 5 things to do while you’re at Thrive!

I can't wait for Sunday! Sunday is coming!  This Sunday is an important one for Thrive! The reality is, tons of people haven't been around Thrive for most of the summer. Family trips, camping, golf and all the other summer stuff. And that's cool! But, this Sunday, I'm hoping we're all back! 5 Super Important Reasons... Continue Reading →

Stuff isn’t all that important at the end of the day, but this stuff would help Thrive

Thrive Church is growing. I write those words with both fear and humility. Thrive is growing because God is moving. It's an ONLY GOD thing! He's using our little baby Church (100 weeks old!) to help people find and follow Jesus and it's awesome! In our short 100 weeks of existence: Here are some of the... Continue Reading →

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