Thrive is coming HOME this Sunday…

Wow, August has been an amazing month for Thrive Churchthrive no perfect people

And, this Sunday we’re coming HOME. 

Let me back up! August has been a little out of the ordinary for our Church.

One of the principles we run Thrive on is this…’the less you do, the more effective you will be’. That’s why we don’t have a million different ministries. That’s why we don’t plan a million different events.

Until August! Hah! August was just jammed packed, but it has worked out.

  • We did a series called ‘I love my Church (check out the link if you missed any messages). We went over our values as a Church and what a fully devoted follower of Jesus looks like! GREAT series!
  • We had an outdoor Baptism & BBQ event! We set up tents and we baptized 63 people on August 16th! It was Thrive’s best day as a Church!
  • Then, we hosted a worship and teaching night. I asked my good friend Dr. Tom Rundel from Liminal Leadership to come and teach on the Gospel! It was overwhelmingly powerful!
  • And then Thrive LEFT the building! We cancelled our morning experiences and we served 5 schools and Hopewell Ranch! It was P O W E R F U L! All of the principals sent me emails and they were so encouraging! What a day!
  • Vollapalooza! Two nights ago we hosted our Volunteer Kick Off Night! It was so much FUN!! We partied, worshipped, opened up scripture and met as teams! We believe that #savedpeopleservepeople!!
  • HUGE Sunday! We finish the month with an important Sunday! We’re introducing our new Elders to Thrive Church! Can’t wait!

This Sunday feels like HOMECOMING Sunday! Even though we were only out of the theater for 2 weeks, it feels like a life time ago!! So, this Sunday is going to be HUGE!

  • We come back to the theater!
  • We finish our ‘I LOVE MY CHURCH’ series. Make sure you pick up the final Value card!
  • Thrive Kidz has a ton of fun planned!
  • Matt and the band will lead us in worship.
  • We introduce our brand new Elders.
  • I’m sharing a HUGE personal Miracle.
  • And, we take part in Communion!!

Do Not Miss!! Let’s come back together as a Church family and worship! Invite and bring family and friends. Pray before, during and after. Meet someone new. Laugh, Sing, Learn.

Thrive is coming home! See you on Sunday!

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