Thrive left the building yesterday and we just simply loved on Schools!

serve 1Yesterday was just awesome! Actually, I’m still overwhelmed by it! Thrive Church took a Sunday off from our normal worship experiences and decided to serve 6 schools and a local ministry…Hopewell Ranch.

Seriously, we left the building! 

Let me be very honest, this was a tough decision. This was our second week in a row where we did something different. The Sunday before was our baptism and bbq out at a park (amazing Sunday!) and then yesterday we were all over the city. It was a hard decision because summer is already hard enough on attendance and giving. Anytime you break the natural momentum, it’s hard to get it going again.

But, this decision was also an easy one. It was just a no brainer! From the beginning, we dreamed of being a church FOR the community, not just IN it. And, we’ve wanted to practically serve schools.

And, that’s what we did!

We served schools! 

We put together packets. We cleaned windows. We weeded. We painted. We put together stuff. We raked! We cleaned. And we did so much more!

It was so cool to be so welcomed by school principals! I had some amazing conversations with them and it was just humbling to hear them say things like…

  • ‘thank you’
  • ‘you have no idea how much this means’
  • ‘this gives us such a boost to start the school year’
  • ‘tell me again, why would you do this?’

It was just another Sunday that I stood back and thanked God for allowing me the privilege to be a part of this Church! It’s just a crazy HUGE honor!

I don’t know what you’re doing this Sunday, but I would be honored if you would join us at Thrive!

We meet at Celebrate Cinema at 9 or 1015! See you then!


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