Ok, ok, ok! Let me lay this out. Tomorrow is Sunday! Yes, its my favorite day of the week! Why? Because my church family has the privilege of gathering together!

Well, tomorrow, we’re gathering together. But, it’s going to look a bit different.

Here’s what I mean. Thrive Church is unashamedly attractive. We design, plan and pray for our Sunday experiences to be attractional. We use pop culture, creative elements, rock worship and teach on topics that people are really dealing with. So, we want people to gather on Sundays to hear about Jesus, to learn how to live like Jesus and then be released to go be Jesus!

Tomorrow we’re doing things a bit different.

We’re leaving the building! 

We’re meeting at Celebration Cinema at 9am and then heading out Mt Pleasant and beyond to serve our community. And mainly, to serve our local schools!

How freaking awesome is that? 

So, don’t miss out! Be there at 9am! Wear work clothes. Bring a rake, shovel, weed whacker if you have one. Bring your families. Your kids can serve right along with you. There are inside and outside jobs. It may not take all morning. Some may. But, plan on at least a few hours. Go grab lunch with the people you served with afterwards!

If you’re a social media person. Please post photos! Tag the school you’re at. Use the hash tags…#forCentralMichigan #ThrivehasleftThebuilding #everychildhasachurch #thrivechurchmi

Can’t wait to see how God moves tomorrow!


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