A real life Thrive Church MVP…Happy ONE year work anniversary Sarah!!

This past Tuesday was Sarah Burkhart’s 1 year work anniversary as a staff member at Thrive Church! 


Here’s the deal. I’ve worked with a lot of great people over my 20 years of serving at local churches and I can whole-heartedly say without any hesitation, SARAH is one of the BEST! Thrive Church is ridiculously blessed to have her leadership and her heart for people and the Church on our staff!

Sarah’s job title is technically…Executive Assistant to Jason Raitz, but she does so much more! She’s an amazing assistant. She protects my time and my time with my family. She organizes my calendar and makes sure I’m doing what only I can do. PLUS…she handles and takes care of a litany of administrative tasks for Thrive Church. AND THEN…she runs point on all of our big event Sundays. And, can I point out an only God thing?? Every big event Sunday from the beginning of our Church has seen a 100% and then some growth with Sarah running point! How crazy is that? That’s an ONLY GOD thing!


She loves Jesus with every ounce of her being. She’s always listening to messages and pushing others to do the same. Don’t show her a baptism video because she will lose it and start crying. Her heart for ministry is off the charts and she loves people! She’s a Pastor and she doesn’t even know it! She’s a Shepherd who cares for people and points them to Jesus.

If that wasn’t enough…

  • She’s a real life MVP! She’s an amazing wife and mom!
  • She’s a rock star without all the drama and self-love.
  • She has a heart of gold.
  • Thrive would not be the Church we are without her!
  • She makes our Church better!
  • Sarah works tirelessly to serve people.
  • Sarah sacrifices a lot to be on staff. Like many Church staff, she works WAY over the hours she’s paid. She doesn’t get overtime. And yet, she just humbly serves.
  • Sarah makes our entire team better! She brings so much energy and a spirit that just doesn’t let us worry!

Sarah Burkhart is the MVP of the Thrive staff team!

Thank you Sarah for all you do and your heart for Jesus and to love!


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