3 Reasons why this was my favorite message EVER!

I’ve preached a fair amount of messages in Thrive’s 98 short weeks of existence!

I’ve preached thousands of messages all over the country and in South America.

I’ve preached to all size crowds and ages.

I’ve preached with translators. I’ve preached without microphones. I’ve preached standing on milk crates. I’ve preached in churches, camps, conferences and schools. I’ve preached on street corners.

The message I preached this last Sunday at Thrive was my…

favorite message yet!

Here’s why:

1. I loved what God laid on my heart! I love teaching scripture. Love it. I love what God laid on my heart for Church this past Sunday. And, it was fun laying out some of our future dreams. Like…

  • Planting a Church in Ecuador.
  • Launching a Thrive location on the campus of Central Michigan University.
  • Launching a Thrive Location in Big Rapids and Midland.
  • Our One Youth Summer Camp trip to Panama City Beach, FL next summer!
  • A future 24/7 building of our own! A building that will be used all 7 days a week and open to the community!

2. I love my Church. It’s been great to travel all over the place and preach. But, there is nothing better than preaching to your home church! Especially when that Church was just an idea on a journal and then a few years later its taking over a park and 63 people take the step of baptism! Wow!

3. The energy was unreal! I was set up in an amazing way by Matt Moore and our Thrive worship team! So, once I started preaching, wow! The energy and the life in the tents and pavilion was amazing!



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