There are just no words to describe what happened today!

Today at Thrive, 63 people were baptized! That’s just unreal and I’m still having a hard time processing that!


Here’s why that’s important. Because Every number has a name, every name has a story and every story matters to God! 

And, what’s crazy to me is that there were more people who wanted to be baptized but they just couldn’t be there today! That’s just amazing! And, considering the fact that we’re just a young Church. Just 97 weeks old! ONLY GOD! 

What’s amazing is to hear their stories. People who were running from God. People who didn’t believe in God. People who were ready to go public with their faith! People who have been searching. People who have fallen madly in love with Jesus.

There really are just no words. 

Just a few random thoughts and reflections from today at Thrive. 

…More people were baptized today than our Church baptized all last year.  ONLY GOD! 

…Today was our third highest attended Sunday yet and we were missing over a hundred regular folks who are a part of Thrive! That’s just nuts! ONLY GOD! 

…Our Thrive teams are just UNREAL. I mean, so many people worked their butts off yesterday and today! Tents had to be set up, chairs had to be set up, staging, sound systems, generators, food, inflatables, games, T-Shirts and so much more. Amazing to me that so many people would volunteer and invest their time!

…My Thrive staff team is just amazing. I’ve worked with a  ton of great ministry leaders over the years and without a shadow of a doubt, the team God’s assembled right now is the BEST EVER! When you work as hard as we do, it’s amazing when you get to do that with friends! We have each other’s backs and we work hard and play hard.

…I’m so proud of our students at Thrive! They were a big part of this day and it was amazing to see them serve and lead! I can’t even put into words how amazing it is that our middle and high school students love their church!

…I love my family. We lead this Church together. My parents moved up to Central MI to help launch and lead this Church. They are servant leaders. They are prayer warriors. My wife is a rock star. She just serves and serves and serves. My kids are amazing. They love their Church and they’re always excited about new ideas and what’s next.

…I really believe the BEST IS YET TO COME! I mean, we have a ton of folks in the ‘sort of attend’ Church category. To me, that’s exciting! That means that many more people have the opportunity to move into the committed category and begin reaching even more!

…I can’t believe it’s over. I can’t wait for August 21, 2016! Now, to turn our attention to ‘The Church has left the building’ this Sunday! We cancelled our morning experiences and we’re meeting at the theater at 9am and then we’re heading off to serve all over Central MI. It’s going to be amazing!

I am so honored to be a part of such an amazing Church. I am so honored to lead such an amazing team.


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