Well, it’s 4:30pm on Saturday, August 15th. I’m sitting in a familiar place, my office. I got up at 5am. Took a long prayer walk from 545-730am. I met with a group of Thrivers at 9am for another group Prayer Walk. We then set up tents at the park and now I’ve been in my office going over my message and the final details.

This time tomorrow, Thrive’s baptism and bbq will be over and we’ll start looking ahead to August 21st, 2016! Our next outdoor baptism.

It’s just amazing. I’ve been praying for this Sunday since last August. I’ve taken hundreds of prayer walks around the park where it’s being hosted. I’ve begged, asked and pleaded with God to move so powerfully tomorrow that people would only be able to attribute what’s happening to an ONLY GOD moment!


Honestly, I’ve gone through the whole range of emotions this week. 

I’ve been so excited! I love these HUGE days for our young Church. I love the momentum. I love the extra involvement. I love the entire Church community coming together.

I’ve been anxious. I can’t wait! I’ve been praying at this park for months! I’ve been praying for these people getting baptized for months!

I’ve been humbled. I’ve asked God a million times. Why does a guy like me get the privilege of leading this amazing Church? And, every time someone signs up

I’ve been discouraged. Yeah, I have. To be honest, it’s hard when I hear people are going to miss this HUGE day for our Church. I know, I know, I know. I shouldn’t. People have lives. I get it. But, 6-7 times a year we ask people to save the date because we know something AWESOME is going to happen because of all the momentum, extra planing and extra prayer! And, how often do you get to see over 50 people get baptized! So, I’ve fought some discouragement.

I’ve been expectant. I have been seeking God, praying and begging Him to move in peoples hearts. I’m making a huge challenge tomorrow morning and I’m believing that the Holy Spirit is going to move! Going to draw people closer to Christ!

I’ve been wrecked. Many nights at my office I have just wept. I know God is moving. I know God is changing lives and that’s just amazing. That’s the whole reason we do everything we do!

I’ve gone through my message 3 times and I’d like to get another 2 times in as well. But, I need to rest. I need to step back and totally TRUST God.

Tomorrow is a HUGE day for our little church. Tomorrow is a GIANT day for so many lives! Tomorrow is an important day because people are publicly declaring that they are not ashamed of Jesus Christ. Tomorrow is a day that I’ve been praying for, for months and I can’t wait!

I can’t wait to see how God moves! Please God move. May you get all the credit. All the honor. All the Glory.


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