You know why I love my Church? I get to see miracles!

I know this sounds selfish! I hope it doesn’t come across that way! But, it’s so true!

One of the many, MANY, reasons I love my Church is because I really do get to see…


Yes, actual miracles! People say that miracles don’t happen anymore and I couldn’t disagree more. I think sometimes we just have to open our eyes and when we do, we’ll see them. We’ll experience them!

Take this week for example. This Sunday, our young–97 week old church, will get to experience 50 plus people going public with their faith through baptism!


I met someone this week who had lost their job and they decided to keep tithing. Then, they decided to increase their tithe, even with no job. Two weeks ago they were offered an amazing position.


I know someone who had walked away from the Church years ago and had been away for a long time. Somehow, they found their way to Thrive. Today, they have a vibrant relationship with Jesus and they’re excited about what’s ahead.


I’m typing this on a computer that was donated to Thrive, sitting on a desk that was donated, we have printers and copiers that were donated and I’m sitting in an office that has been donated to Thrive Church.


The reality is, I love my Church because we care for the broken, the hurting, the spit out, the left behind, the forgotten and the lonely. I love my Church because we desperately want to see people find Jesus and the follow him with reckless abandon. I love my church because everybody’s welcome. I love my Church because we don’t get stuck on rules and traditions. I love my Church because life change is our most important value.

I think you would love my church too.

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