It’s time for Thrive’s most important Sunday of the year!

Alright, every Sunday is important at Thrive Church! There is not one Sunday that we ever say is not important!

But, this Sunday is just HUGE! It’s so ridiculously important because it’s our baptism Sunday. Now, if we could, we would do baptisms much more frequently. But, because we rent a movie theater for church, we just can’t. So, a few times a year, we host a baptism Sunday!

And, it is the most powerful Sunday! Its hard to even describe it. It’s a mixture of all out emotion. We laugh, we cry and we’re together.

So, you’re invite to be a part this Sunday! If you’ve been searching for a Church home, this is the perfect Sunday to check out Thrive. If you’ve been praying about getting baptized, this is the perfect Sunday to be baptized in a lake. If you have been away from church for awhile, this is the perfect Sunday to come back.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Head to South Park in Lake Isabella by 10:30am. Take Pickard or River West, turn right on Goldwater and then turn left on Birdie Dr. Turn left on Clubhouse and then the park will be on your right. And, there will be signs the entire way, just follow them.

2. If you want to be baptized, fill out this form. We will give a baptism shirt to celebrate with you. Invite all of your family and friends. Share it on Facebook. Call people. Message them. Text them. Drive them. Bring them with you.

3. Get ready to worship. What’s so awesome about this Sunday, is that both experiences (9 & 1015) will be combined under a giant tent! That NEVER happens and this is the coolest thing ever!

4. Bring a dish to pass. We’ll have a limited about of electrical outlets. So, something that just needs ice  to keep cool is great.

5. Bring swimsuits and towels for the kids. There is a beach and they can swim.

6. Bring lawn chairs to hang out afterwards. 

7. If you already have plans, change them! No offense to Grandma’s Birthday Party!

8. Bring $10 for Thrive’s new ‘I love my Church’ T-Shirts. We really do wish we could give them out! But, this is a tremendous way to support your Church and to spread the word that people are invited to your church.

9. Watch this video. 

Any questions you have. Email

I can’t emphasize enough how important this Sunday is. So, please be praying! Ask for God’s favor and blessing. And, be there! See you on Sunday!

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