Why Thrive is canceling our services TWO weeks in a row

Here’s something crazy…Thrive is canceling two weeks of services!

Crazy, right?!?

Week One…Ok, here’s the deal…A campus leadership organization from Central Michigan University uses the movie theater we rent once a year on a Sunday morning. So, we decided 2 years ago that we would host a giant outdoor worship experience and baptism that Sunday at a near by lake.

It went great! So, we’ve kept that alive.

So, on Sunday, August 16th, we won’t meet at our normal spot of our normal Sunday morning experience. Instead, we’ll combine both morning worship experiences into one and worship together under a giant tent! Then, we’ll celebrate and cheer people taking the public step to get baptized. And then, we’ll party! It’s going to be an amazing Sunday!

Week Two…Well, there was a little hitch this year and the campus organization actually needed the week after they normally book. So, instead of renting somewhere else, we decided to take a Sunday and leave the building.

We’re going to spread out into our community and serve! We are organizing serving stations all around town and families will gather at the theater at 9am and then will head to the serving stations and serve together!

For a brief second or maybe two, I’ve been worried about the disruption to our normal flow. Honestly, sometimes it only takes a little bit of rain to get people to stay home from gathering together. But, it’s in God’s hand and we’re going to serve our community.

I mean, one of the reasons we started Thrive Church was to be a church that’s FOR the community, not just IN the community.

So, here goes! I can’t wait for August 16th and August 23rd!

That’s why we’re canceling our services for TWO weeks in a row! I really believe God is going to do something HUGE through our CHURCH these TWO weeks!

Would you…

  1. Pray for us? Ask for God’s blessing on both Sunday’s.
  2. Join us? Come on, come join us!

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